You have to be Thick Skinned to be President Mr. Trump

Donald Trump has again revealed that he does not have the temperament to be president of the USA. Recently he threatened a “multimillion dollar lawsuit” against the conservative Club for Growth for running campaign ads about his liberal economic policy positions.

This is not the first time Trump has filed a lawsuit for criticism against him. During the last presidential campaign, he filed a $5 million lawsuit against television host and comedian Bill Maher after Maher said he was the son of an Orangutan. Realizing that he would not prevail in his lawsuit, he withdrew it.

From the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign and perhaps long before that, Donald Trump has shown that he does not take criticism well. Anyone who criticizes him or says something negative about him he goes into attack mode. His behavior is typical of a bully who likes to taunt others by name calling, ridiculing, insulting them but takes offense to anyone doing the same thing to him.

In the political arena where the game of politics involves mudslinging and strong criticisms that oftentimes are not justifiable or based on facts, a politician must be able to absorb them and move on. This is especially true for a president who must deal with all kinds of criticisms including personal attacks. Mr. Trump could learn a lot from President Obama in how to deal with criticisms.

No president has endured the kind of criticism that President Obama has. He has faced criticisms which includes propaganda, conspiracy theories (Mr. Trump is a proponent of this with his Birther Conspiracy), and racial innuendos) beginning in his first term and continuing into his current term. Yet despite these criticisms and a relentless crusade against his policies by the GOP, the president Obama has performed his presidential duties effectively.

Mr. Trump and Americans should realize that being a successful businessman does not translate to a successful president. In Mr. Trump’s case, as a businessman he had full powers and control to make his own deal. The president of the US does not have the same luxury because he has to deal with complex issues at home and abroad that he has no control over.

At this stage, everyone should recognize that Mr. Trump’s attributes of being thin skinned, narcissistic, egotistical, and temperamental will only serve to make him a poor president. History has shown us that leaders with the qualities that Mr. Trump have do not make good political leaders – Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Kim Jung-Un, etc.