Who is Bold Enough to Run with Trump for the White House?

SessionsTrumpNow that Donald Trump has confounded the political pundits to become the presumptive nominee for the Republicans, there is one thing left to keep pundits guessing — who will be his VP pick?

For any presidential candidate, the selection of their vice president is not an easy task.  They know that a good selection can enhance their electability and that a bad selection can destroy their chances as it did to Sen. John McCain when he picked Sarah Palin.

Donald Trump because of his lack of political experience cannot afford to select a VP who will add to his flaws.  His challenge is to select a running mate who will compensate for his political deficiencies or the flaws he has.

Trumps deficiencies represent major problems for him because no presidential candidate ever became the presumptive nominee without any political experience. To like Trump and not see how his political inexperience, his flaws, and his irascible temperament make him unfit to be a president, is either a denial or dishonesty.  His running mate will have to help him smooth out some of his rough edges.

Being Donald Trump’s running mate will be a challenge to overcome the obstacles that have been created by Trump himself.  It will also be a risk to their political career since Trump’s flaws would make him a poor president.

For Trump’s VP pick, we can eliminate any woman and all the candidates who opposed him during the campaign simply because he called them names, insulted them, or they lack the credentials that would help to compensate him for his deficiencies.

So who will fit the bill to be bold enough to run as Trump’s running mate?  Opportunity knocks here so there are plenty of people if they get the call will not think twice about accepting.  Two possible choices are former speaker Newt Gingrich and Sen. Jeff Sessions.  With Gingrich out of Washington politics for a long time and a somewhat egotistical personality like Trump, it is unlikely that Trump will pick him.  My prediction is that Sen. Sessions will get the call and he will accept.

Sen. Sessions has credentials that would compensate for some of the deficiencies Trump has.  Wikipedia provides the following description of his credentials:

Sessions was ranked by National Journal as the fifth-most conservative U.S. Senator in their March 2007 Conservative/Liberal Rankings.[20] He backs conservative Republican stances on foreign policy, taxes, and social issues.  He opposes abortion and illegal immigration.  Sessions is the ranking Republican member on the Senate Budget Committee,[21] a former ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and a senior member of the Armed Services Committee. He also serves on the Environment and Public Works Committee.

Sessions was a supporter of the “nuclear option,” a tactic considered by then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist in the spring of 2005 to change longstanding Senate rules to stop Democratic filibusters of some of George W. Bush’s nominees to the federal courts.  When the “Gang of 14” group of moderate Senators reached an agreement to allow filibusters under “extraordinary circumstances,”  Sessions accepted the agreement but argued that “a return to the tradition of up-or-down votes on all judicial nominees would… strengthen the Senate.”[22]

It is no secret that Sen. Jeff Sessions is a Trump zealot.  His zealousness is reflected in statements like, “Trump is redefining conservatism,” and the Washington Post article in April that said Sen. Session is Donald Trump’s biggest fan and described how their relationship began.  He is also the only senator who has endorsed Trump.

Another asset that Sen. Jeff Sessions would provide for Trump in the presidential election is that he is from Alabama and quite possible would help Trump round up the southern votes and primarily that of whites who don’t like Pres. Obama and believe that Hillary Clinton is his surrogate.

Should Trump pick Sen. Sessions as his running mate, he will still have many obstacles to overcome. Trump is his worst enemy as he has too many flaws that include insulting to many groups like women, Muslims, and blacks.  Gwenda Blair in her book, Trumps: Three Generations of Builders and a Presidential Candidate cites newspapers back in the mid-1970s accusing Trump of the following flaws:

  • An anti-tenant landlord
  • An exploiter immigrant labor
  • A breaker of promises – New York Times
  • A tasteless vulgarian – New York
  • A sorehead – the Daily News
  • A conniver, a racist, and a liar – the Village Voice

These portrayals of Trump by the New York newspapers were done several years before his 2016 presidential campaign.  They corroborate the characteristics that many of Trump’s detractors have said make him unfit to be president.

Without doubt, Donald Trump will continue to confound the pundits.  They will guess and speculate as to who his VP pick will be, what will happen at the Republican convention, and what his chances will be in the November election.  The only certainty about Donald Trump is that he is unpredictable and he doesn’t care about political correctness.