Where is the Leadership from Donald Trump?

When candidate Barack Obama came under intensive criticism from conservatives for being a member of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church, he did what a good leader is suppose to do, he responded with a speech about racism in Philadelphia that was said to be a great speech on racism. This is what great leaders or people with leadership potential do.

So why hasn’t Donald Trump come out and address his wife Melania Trump’s plagiarisation of Michelle Obama’s speech? And why is his campaign and other Republicans denying and minimizing that Melania’s speech is plagiarism. This is the hypocrisy and double standard that we see in America today. It is no wonder that there is so much divisiveness and hatred in the country. The behavior that the Republican Party has demonstrated since Pres. Obama has been in office and since Donald Trump started his campaign for president has divided America and will continue to do so if people don’t stop their hypocrisy.

Plagiarism is a serious problem and people who have done it have destroyed their career.  Imagine if it was Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton who did this, they would have been called all kinds of derogatory names and some would even call for the FBI to indict them. Trump and his team said they are done talking about this. Funny how they can’t quit talking about Benghazi and the e-mail issue – even after they have exhausted their investigations without finding any wrong doing or criminality by Hillary Clinton.