What Will Senator Ted Cruz’s Next Political Crusade be?

So what is the next big issue that Senator Ted Cruz is likely to start after failing miserably to defund and repeal Obamacare? As a Canadian immigrant with Cuban connections (through his paternal roots), immigration reform would be a good guess. That issue, however, is covered by another immigrant-connected politician, Senator Marco Rubio whose parents immigrated to the US in 1956. Senator Cruz will have to find another issue that he can use to rally his Tea Party base. That is if he wants to keep the TV cameras showing his face.

After thinking about the current political issues that could be a political Achilles heel for President Obama, I gave up. President Obama is invincible and the Republican Party flanked by their right wing media would be wasting their time in trying to destroy President Obama. You never can tell with the current group of Republican Party gladiators though. They do not seems to act in a reasonable manner or with any political astuteness. So how is Senator Ted Cruz going to redeem himself from his childish egotistical and immature behavior? I have the answer and it is a surprising one that involves his father’s native country Cuba.

Since Fidel Castro took control of Cuba in 1959, that country has been isolated by the US. Exactly why the US continues to isolate Cuba seems puzzling at times, as it cannot be because Castro turned Cuba into a communist country. The US have maintained good relationship with China and Russia the two top communist countries so it seems unreasonable to continue the isolation policy. Whatever the real reasons are, Cuba has been out in the cold for a long time. Some people believe that might change when Fidel Castro who is aged and feeble dies. Waiting for Fidel to die though might not be politically expedient for Senator Cruz. He needs action now to position himself for what the media is telling us he will do – make a run for the White House.

As I write this piece, my political esp tells me that Senator Cruz is thinking about forcing President Obama to open relationship with Cuba. This will be his new crusade to get at President Obama because the world knows that President Obama is not going to even entertain that idea. Unless of course, the Cuban community in South Florida see some benefit to it. Benefit such as being able to go back to Cuba and reclaim land that Castro seized.

When you compare the recent role Senator Cruz played in shutting down the government, a crusade to open relationship with Cuba would be a much better political strategy for him. With his anti-Obamacare position, he offered no plan or clue of what to replace Obamacare with after defunding and repealing it. As I said before, Republicans and especially the Tea Party faction don’t act like reasonable people and they certainly don’t have any empathy for poor people. Remember Mitt Romney who wanted to write off the 47% moochers and takers? And what about the $24 billion tab for shutting down the government and in the process hurting the middle class and small businesses – is this fiscal responsibility?

This time will be different though, Senator Cruz can say that if the US opens relationship with Cuba, jobs will be created and trade will be expanded. Two things that will create revenue for the US. So that will be Senator Cruz’s next political crusade and if he succeeds, he could redeem himself from his childish prank of shutting down the government. Not only will he redeem himself, he will put himself in a better position for his run to the White House in 2016. Of course voters will forget the shutdown debacle since most voters tend to suffer from political amnesia. Personally, I can’t wait to see him go up against the future president Hillary Clinton.

Before anyone think that the idea of Senator Cruz crusading for the US to open relationship with Cuba is insane you are right. Remember, we are dealing with a political party that behaves as if they are insane. In dealing with this party or trying to understand their tactics, you have to think like you are insane too. If the US does open relationship with Cuba, with or without Senator Cruz’s help, look for him being one of the first to seek employment in Cuba after his next reelection bid.