What is wrong With America?


Hillary Clinton and Pres. Obama's reaction to Trump's comment on women

Hillary Clinton and Pres. Obama’s reaction to Trump’s comment on women

When someone is out of control or is doing bizarre things, we typically say, “What is wrong with him or her?” Objective Americans who are concerned about the future of their country are probably asking the same question about America as it prepares for its presidential election on Tuesday.

America’s history is one that has been characterized by conflicts, violence, war, and contradictions. These are the foundations that America is built on and from the beginning of the Republic there has been problems of one kind or the other that have shaken the foundation of America the 2016 presidential election is doing just that.

Some will say that the 2016 presidential election is unprecedented, a conclusion drawn from the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. No presidential candidate has ever been so contradictory to everything that America stands for – it’s democracy, values, compassion, and tolerance.

Donald Trump is a manifestation of the dark side of America that exposes racism, hatred, violence, xenophobia, and arrogance. These problems have existed throughout the history of America. However, most Americans and other presidential candidates have been able to transcend these problems because they are more enlightened and understand their consequences.

What we are experiencing with Donald Trump is a man who appeals to the dark side of America that divides rather than unifies America. He has insulted and alienated every group of people – non-whites, women, African American, Mexicans, Muslims, and even a handicap person.

Donald Trump has unwittingly exposed his flaws to Americans including his sexual vulgarity (making lewd comments about what he can do to women), his penchant for insulting people, and his tendency to overly exaggerate and distort facts. We should also not forget that he disrespected Pres. Obama and tried to delegitimize him with his birther conspiracy.

So, what is wrong with America when some Americans see Donald Trump as the answer to fixing America’s problems? Their belief is anchored in the propaganda that the conservative media gives them. Propaganda that tells them that Hillary Clinton is a dishonest person and cannot be trusted. In addition to this propaganda, the media in general creates a false equivalence of Hillary Clinton with Trump – both are bad candidates.

Donald Trump’s numerous flaws which are compounded by his lack of transparency, lawsuit (Trump University fraud case), investigation of Trump Foundation, not been able to release his tax returns, and his business dealings in Russia. These issues make him seems to be the one who is dishonest and cannot be trusted.

Hillary Clinton has had 30 years of public service as a lawyer, the first lady, a senator, and the Secretary of State. Her political career shows her to be a hard-working person who cares for her country. Compare this to Donald Trump who lacks the intellect, the temperament, and who never served a day in any public capacity for his country.

Former Republican governor and current Libertarian VP candidate Bill Weld on the Rachel Maddow’s show a week ago had this to say about Hillary Clinton,

I’ve known her for 40 years. I’ve worked with her. I know her well, professionally. I know her well personally. I know her to be a person of high moral character, a reliable person and an honest person, however so much Mr. Trump may rant and rave to the contrary. So, I’m happy to say that, and people can make their own choices.

Weld’s testimonial of Hillary Clinton transcends the malicious propaganda that has been perpetuated against her. To compare her with Donald Trump and to even think that he has better character, temperament, and could do a better job as president is complete insanity, especially when Donald Trump has no public service experience to use as a basis for comparison.

The question, “What’s wrong with America?” was answered in a US News article titled, Donald Trump Is What’s Wrong With America with this quote,

 The whole episode is the latest and clearest reminder that Donald Trump is, in a word, awful. His run is fueled by the pernicious aspects of the national character even as he seeks an office that should be animated by the best ones. He represents, to borrow the words of Fox News’ Shepard Smith, “the worst, darkest part of all that is America.

Note: Fox News Shepard Smith, during an interview with John Bussey (Wall Street Journal Associate Editor) on Dec. 08, 2015,  said,

A lot more need to be led by somebody, not to be dragged down the wormhole by some carnival huckster. Somebody needs to come up and remind them what this nation is and what we’re about and how we dream and the way we were founded and what our Constitution is.

He’s not representing any of that. He’s representing the worst, darkest part of all that is America.

What is wrong with America is that Donald Trump has let the evil genie out of the bottle. If America does not vote to put Trump back where he belongs, then they will suffer the consequences as the Greek philosopher Plato said,

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.