Was Donald Trump Preaching to the Choir Last Night in Dallas, Texas?

Last night in the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, Donald Trump addressed an estimated 20,000 people for over one and a quarter hour. Most of what he said was a repeat of the same things he has been saying from the beginning of his campaign – even doubling down on the “anchor baby” term.

Not shy in talking about his business accomplishments, Mr. Trump seems to believe that he can use his business acumen to “Make America great again” – his campaign theme. He uses his business success to differentiate himself from politicians and his GOP presidential rivals by suggesting that he would do things differently from them.


Using his typical catch phrases there is no doubt that Donald Trump was preaching to the choir. Talking about immigration, he said exactly what the crowd wanted to hear: “We will stop illegal immigration, they will be out of here so freaking fast,” “We have to end the sanctuary city crap fast,” “I will build a wall,” and “They are all over the place.”

While Trump’s catchphrases or “Trumpisms” which starts with “I will make….I will do….I know how to…..I love…” appeal to the base instinct of conservatives, anyone who believe that he can go to Washington and make revolutionary changes better think seriously before they put their faith in him. Why? because although Mr. Trump likes to contrast himself with politicians, he is actually talking like a politician who likes to say what they will do without providing a plan or detail of how they are going to accomplish the things they say they will do.

Conservatives have every right to be disillusioned with their party, and in wanting someone like Trump who say things that most conservatives think and believe but would not say aloud. For eight years, the GOP has done nothing to fix the problems ailing the country except to spend all their energy in trying to derail President Obama. Even when they regained control of Congress, they continued their schemes against the President. The latest one is that Speaker Boehner is considering legal action against the Iran nuclear deal that the President prevailed on in Congress.

It is understandable that conservatives want new leadership. And it is understandable that they have a field of GOP presidential candidates that have a record of doing outrageous things (shutting down the government, sending a letter to Iran leaders to scuttle the nuclear deal, being disrespectful to President Obama, undermining President Obama’s agenda, etc.). Their leadership failure is why someone like Donald Trump is able to emerge as a front-runner to represent a vacuous party.

With his penchant for insulting people and making comments that most respectable political leaders would not say, Donald Trump’s star keeps rising. The one thing that makes him appealing to conservatives is also his weakness though. That weakness is that he has no political record of accomplishment to defend or talk about. The rest of the GOP presidential candidates have this weakness too – although they will try to make you think otherwise – and that is why they are failing to get recognized. At some point, Trump will have to give the specifics on how he intends to “Make America great again.”

While Mr. Trump who is the consummate narcissist and egotist might be appealing to conservatives, these traits do not make him fit to be president of the most powerful country in the world. He and the rest of the GOP presidential candidates could learn a lot about leadership by observing the current President. Unfortunately, they won’t because their hatred of this President distorts the reality of who he really is.