The US is not in a Position to Start a War with North Korea

This morning the president of the United States, Donald Trump sent out another disturbing tweet about North Korea “playing” the United States for years. No doubt this will start a media frenzy about what he means by “playing” like he did with the Obama wiretapping tweet.

This kind of tweet is something that you would expect from a high school kid and not from the president. North Korea is a grave threat to peace and any impulsive action to start a war with them could escalate into World War III. China is not going to sit by and just watch the US invade their satellite state.

With all the alleged Russian election interference and connections in the Trump administration, the US is in a vulnerable position for a war with a communist country. A war with North Korea would not only get China involved it could also possibly get Russia involved. Russia would no doubt welcome this war even if they don’t get involved as it would weaken the US and give Russia more opportunities to gain global dominance.

During the past two decades, the US has sent many of its young men and women into wars without achieving anything positive. Many of these young men and women lost their lives or were maimed fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The last thing the US should do is to start another war especially when other actions can be taken to punish North Korea.

Because Mr. Trump has alienated established US allies, undermined the CIA, and make sweeping allegations with any proof about President Obama wiretapping his phone at his Trump Plaza in New York, he has made it tough to get the support he would need to start a war. These are not the only problems he has; he has credibility and transparency problems which are not attributes that a president should have – especially when they are involved in crisis type problems.

The conclusion then is that Mr. Trump has squandered opportunities to unify the country and to make traditional US allies feel confident about his ability and intentions. He certainly cannot restore these things when he puts out tweets like the one about North Korea “playing” the USA. No president should undermine the institutions (the news media and the intelligence agencies) as these are the institutions that serve the office of the presidency and the country.

It is time for the president to stop sending out tweets about serious domestic and foreign policy issues. Social media like twitter is not the medium to rally or inform the country about serious political problems.