The Trump Administration Delays Issue of the Tubman $20 Bill-the assault on black history continues

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin during an appearance before the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday announced that the proposed Harriet Tubman $20 bill will be delayed until 2028. The proposed $20 bill was initiated during the Obama Administration

Tubman’s fate had been in doubt since the 2016 campaign based on critical comments by then-candidate Donald Trump, who branded the move an act of “pure political correctness.  

Trump’s administration move to delay the release of Harriet Tubman $20 bill until 2028 is simply in line with the pattern of the Trump administration trying to erase the legacy of Pres. Obama. No president before Trump has reversed or tried to totally erase the policies of their predecessor. Since becoming president in 2016, Trump has eliminated the following Obama initiated policies: the Iran Nuclear Deal, NAFTA, and the Paris Climate Accord. The Washington Post in a January 20, 2018 article showed how Trump in his first year in office has attempted to erase Obama-era rules and regulations.

During President Trump’s first year in office, Congress and his administration plan to review, revoke and overwrite key parts of his predecessor’s domestic legacy. As of Jan. 20, here are the Obama-era rules and regulations impacted by:

 17  Executive actions issued by Trump, which have the full force of law. Four more are in the works. One was tried and failed.

96  Cabinet-level agency decisions from Trump’s executive branch. 32 more are in the works.

14 Congressional Review Acts targeting recently issued regulations. 20 were tried and failed.

New legislation passed by Congress, which could affect old laws. One is in the works. One was tried and failed.

What Trump is doing in trying to erase Pres. Obama’s legacy has no political justification. Instead his actions seem to be motivated by pure hatred (recall birtherism). These actions are not just an assault on Pres. Obama’s legacy they are an assault on the legacy and history of African Americans.