The Republican Presidential Rerun for 2016

Do you get the feeling when you see the growing number of Republican candidates for the 2016 primary jockeying for position on TV that you are watching a TV rerun? You should because many of them are the same people we watched during the 2008 and 2012 primaries.

From now until 2016 cable TV will bombard you with the presidential wannabes most of them recycling themselves to get their party’s nomination for the presidential election. The candidates include Mitt Romney – 3rd run; Sarah Palin – 2nd run; Mike Huckabee – 2nd run; Rick Perry – 2nd run; the first timers Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio; and a number of not so well know candidates we will call the field.

GOP Cartoon

For the moment it appears that the leading man from the cast of GOP presidential wannabes is Mitt Romney. Maybe Mitt just wants to get his name in the Guinness Book of Records or he believes the third time is the charm and maybe with money and perseverance he can get anything. Seriously, though, what is it about “No” that he doesn’t understand? He says he always consults with his wife before making these types of decisions- I wonder how many “No’s” she has told him.

Last week in Des Moines, Iowa the Republican presidential wannabes showcased their new and improved self. By all accounts it was more of the same old stuff – even if you paint the body of a zebra it is still a zebra. They were invited by Congressman Steve King who apparently wants to be the kingmaker for the next Republican president.

For the contenders who have run the course before and got lapped badly, what do they know now that we don’t know? And what makes them think they have the tools to fix America’s problems. This is where I believe the news media has done a poor job. Instead of telling these people straight up that they have no chance as a snowball in hell to become president, the media tends to encourage them – perhaps it brings good ratings.

Watching snippets of some of the candidates’ speeches in Iowa last week made me feel like I was watching a bad comedy show about politics. These political neophytes apparently have not learned anything about leadership and how presidential leaders should behave – you don’t say outrageous things, you don’t demonize the President, and you should speak like a leader rather than a provocateur.

Apparently all the Republican presidential wannabes believe they have the right stuff to be America’s 45th president. Perhaps their belief is fueled by their delusional thinking that if President Obama can be president they can too because they are better than him. If that’s not what they believe then why do they spend all their time disparaging and demonizing him?

Other than the negative common beliefs the Republican contenders share about President Obama, they also have a common attribute – they lack leadership. Yes, some have held political office and some are currently hold political office but that doesn’t mean they were good leaders then. If they were, then what has changed to make them behave like political clowns instead of leaders?

If you are amazed at the lack of leadership quality with the GOP candidates trying to secure their party’s nomination for 2016, then you should be more amazed at the leadership quality of the GOP Congress. For the past six years the GOP leadership has demonstrated their lack of leadership in so many ways. Most noticeable is their failure to get anything done to help in the economic recovery.

It is remarkable that they were able to win the mid-term election in 2014 without a record of accomplishments. What the GOP leadership has accomplished with their six year crusade to demonize President Obama is to divide the country and poison the minds of the American people to hate this president.

After winning the 2014 mid-term election there was a ray of hope that perhaps the GOP would start showing some leadership by changing course. Instead they seem to want to stay on the same course they have been on for the past six years – another indication that they lack leadership. If the GOP’s agenda is to stay on the same course then this again will benefit no one – not their party, not the country, and not the American people.

The lack of good quality leadership that exists mainly in the GOP ranks has steadily declined in recent years. The 2016’s Republican slate does not provide any hope that it will get better. This is bad news for the GOP and the country.