The Republican Party Starts their Convention in Chaos and Controversy

ChaosOnFloorThe Republican Party kicked off their convention yesterday in Cleveland, Ohio and it did not get off to a good start. Chaos and controversy ensued when some delegates wanted to force a state-by-state roll call vote on the rules. While the chaos was going on inside, protesters were outside marching towards the convention building

There is no doubting that Donald Trump is a lightning rod for chaos, controversy, and divisiveness. His campaigns have been marred by protests and violence, which he helped to create by his disparaging, insulting, and outrageous comments.

Who would believe that Donald Trump who lacks political experience; lacks the temperament that is so essential for effective political leadership; and lacks the intellect to deal with complex problem could be the presidential nominee for the Republican Party?

Who would believe that Donald Trump who frequently displays emotional flaws that makes him insult people, make grandiose statements, demonstrates a narcissistic personality, and make divisive comments would be knocking at the door to the White House?

Obviously, some Americans believe that Donald Trump can do the job of fixing the problems that ail America and the world. Those who really believe this are either fools, political lackeys, clueless or confused by the propaganda that has caused them to hate Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Listening to the speakers on the first night of the convention and if you did not know who Donald Trump is you would think he is the real deal to fix America. That’s what conventions are for making the nominee look good and the speakers do this by reading from a teleprompter lofty speeches that lavishes praise and glory on their candidate. In Donald Trump’s case praise and glory that are not reflected as the man he really is.

It is amazing that some people believe that Donald Trump has the right stuff to be a commander-in-chief who can fix America’s problems. Maybe it is because he blows his dog whistle to rouse up racist sentiments as he did with his anti-Mexican and Muslim rants.  Trump is proud of his disdain for political correctness and in so doing is not afraid to call people names. This is what the racist sector of America society likes and this is why they think Trump can “Make America great again” as he likes to say.

Donald Trump who vilified his opponents during the primary campaign, loves to vilify Pres. Obama (he is stupid, he has no idea what is doing, and don’t forget the birther conspiracy) and Hillary Clinton by calling her “crooked Hillary,” and “she’s a liar.” Let’s see if he continues this behavior that frankly makes him unfit to be president.

You don’t need a magnifying glass to find Donald Trump’s flaws he has already put them out there in plain view for us to see. What he has shown us is that he does not have the right stuff to be president. The qualification he thinks is relevant to being a president is his experience as a businessman. His business experience does not equate to that of the job of president – especially when he owns the business and is not accountable to anyone.

America today is inundated with perennial political problems (the economy, foreign policy, and immigration), current problems that are old problems (racism, police brutality, gun violence, and  terrorism), and new problems (the mass killing of police officers). These are not problems that a political neophyte can solve, they need an experienced leader who can unite people, who is not impulsive, and who has the intellect to evaluate and find solutions for these problems. Let’s hope Americans come to their senses and wake up and recognize this when they go to the election booth in November.