The Republican Party is Experiencing a Karmic Retribution

If you are frustrated, disappointed, or angry about the 2016 presidential election campaign then you have plenty of reasons to be.  Never in the history of presidential election campaigns, has the standard of a presidential campaign been so bad.  Who is responsible for this? The undeniably answer is the Republican Party.CrusadeBlog

For the entire time President Obama has been in the White House (almost eight years), the Republican Party embarked on a crusade to demonize him.  With their notorious crusade, they abandoned all principles of political decorum and instead pursued Machiavellian type tactics — voter suppression, shutting down the government, embarking on several congressional investigations (Benghazi most notable), and undermining the president’s agenda (their effort to scuttle ObamaCare and the Iran Nuclear deal).

Perhaps the most egregious thing the Republican Party has done from the start of their anti Obama crusade is to set the tone that encouraged people to disrespect President Obama.  Republicans who blatantly disrespected the president without any strong reprimand included Congressman Joe Wilson, Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, John Sununu, and Sarah Palin.

No political organization or politician can do things like the Republican Party have done and not incur consequences.  These consequences have impacted the country, the Republican Party, and some politicians have seen their career crashed.  More generally, the impact on the country extends to a state of social malaise (more racial conflicts or protests), a weak economy, and a poor choice of 2016 presidential candidates.

Instead of destroying President Obama’s presidency, the Republican Party has succeeded in doing three things: 1) undermining and weakening the democracy of America, 2) damaging their party to the point where it is no longer an effective party, and 3) giving us the worst candidates who are unfit and unqualified to run for the office of president.  All of this because of one reason — they were not happy with a black man being president.

Who would have expected Donald Trump and the radical Tea Party senator, Ted Cruz to emerge as the Republican Party top choices for the nomination?  Mr. Trump is venturing into an area that requires some political experience and he has zero experience.  Both he and Cruz in any other political era would not have been able to make it as far as they have in the campaign. This is testimony to the sad state of affairs of the Republican Party.

With the presidential election just 5 months away, we have not seen the full extent of the Republican Party woes.  Their convention scheduled for July in Cleveland could be the stage for high drama.  Donald Trump has said that if he is denied the nomination at the convention there would be violence.  Since making that comment, he has repeatedly said that the nomination process is rigged and unfair.

Trump’s prediction of violence at the convention is not farfetched, as he has become a lightning rod for protest at his rallies.  Because he is accustom to getting what he wants, he is quite capable of making comments that are equivalent to throwing gasoline on fire.

From day one of his candidacy, Donald Trump has created divisiveness between himself and various groups or individuals by making controversial comments or insults.  Despite these things, he continues to win primaries and to lead in the delegate count.  His popularity exposes the dark underside of a society that still accepts racism and would want to see America regress to the Jim Crow era.

The problems that the Republican Party is having can serve as a lesson about karmic retribution.  If you injure or harm others without any justification or provocation to do so, you will experience some form of retribution.  In other words, evil does not go unpunished even though it might not be apparent.

Regardless of the outcome between now and the election in November, the Republican Party is a badly damaged party. What this means is that they are not politically or morally fit to govern the country. To reverse this situation, they need to acknowledge their problem then find new leadership that will chart a new manifesto that is relevant to the changing demographics of America.  To continue along the same path of the politics of destruction will make it harder for them to restore their political viability.