The Real Reason Donald Trump was Elected President

 Time Magazine addressed America's changing demographics in 1990

Time Magazine addressed America’s changing demographics in 1990

The election of Donald J Trump as America’s 45th president sent shockwaves across the landscape of America –shockwaves that were felt around the globe. In the immediate aftermath of those shockwaves, protesters in several cities across the US took to the streets. Many bearing placards that read, “Trump is not my president.”

It is ironic that Donald Trump who promoted the birtherism against Pres. Obama is now getting a dose of his own medicine. It is also ironic that some people believe the election was rigged as Trump himself said during the campaign.

There are several reasons why Donald Trump’s election sent shockwaves across America. His flaws, which include negative character traits like insulting people, bragging, lying, and disrespecting women would have disqualified him from being a board member of a public school Parent Teachers Association (PTA).

Despite his lack of public service experience and the many flaws that Trump frequently exposed to the public during the presidential campaign, he was still elected president. During the campaign, the pundits and the media created the idea that his opponent Hillary Clinton was just as flawed as he was. This though was a false equivalence or gross misinformation on a typical politician who has been dogged with negative perceptions and propaganda throughout her career.

The pundits performing their post mortem examination of the 2016 presidential election will give various reasons why Donald Trump won and why Hillary Clinton lost the election.  Most of these reasons will have some element of truth, but they are not the real reason.

The real reason Hillary Clinton lost to a political neophyte with all kinds of character flaws had more to do with the fear of the dominant white male losing power and control. Their dominance was established from the day their ancestors sailed across the pond and landed on the shores of America.

Power and control bolsters the survival instinct of the dominant white race in America. Any threat to erode this power and control is met with strong resistance. We have seen this with the 60s the Civil Rights struggle and with affirmative action.

One form of the resistance that is used to maintain the status quo of the dominant white race is racism. Consciously or unconsciously, racism is an instrument that helps ensure that whites maintain power and control. This is why racism persists in America despite all the efforts to eradicate it.

When Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency in 2008, white America gave him no chance of being elected. They were also sure that his reelection against Mitt Romney would not happen. Both elections caught them off guard and it would result in a backlash or resistance against him for his two terms as president.

The saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me,” was what the dominant white race was thinking in the 2016 presidential election. Their power and control was badly eroded by the election of a black president. It affected their psyche so much that their proxy agent, the Tea Party, started the mantra, “We want our country back.”

Donald Trump knew how to blow his dog whistles to white America and he did it very well. His first campaign message was that he did not like political correctness – something that resonated well with the dominant white race. He then followed with a theme that was similar to the Tea Party’s theme, “Make America great again.”

The dominant white race heard Donald Trump’s dog whistles and so they were willing to ignore whatever flaws he had. Former KKK grand wizard, David Duke endorsed Trump during the campaign and said,

Voting for these people, voting against Donald Trump at this point, is really treason to your heritage.

It appears then that Donald Trump’s dog whistles and support from people like David Duke was enough to penetrate the blue firewall states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Whether they were Democrats to begin with, they feared that there was going to be further erosion of their white dominance if Hillary Clinton was elected to continue the legacy of Pres. Obama.

The alarm that heightened the fear of the dominant white race and particularly white males was sounded in an April 9, 1990 Time Magazine article, America’s Changing Color. The article asked the question, “What will the US be like when whites are no longer the majority?” The article goes on to state,

The “browning of America” will alter everything in society, from politics and education to industry, values and culture.

The Time magazine article reminds me of the elective course called Nature Science and Man I did when I was a student at Queen’s University in Canada. The professors who taught this course were usually visiting professors. One professor from the US gave a lecture about the dominance of the white man. In this lecture he said,

The white man has had his best 100 years; the next 100 years will be different.

This visiting professor said this in 1977, 13 years before the Time Magazine article. This seems to be a prophetic statement as we have seen white supremacy losing its influence around the globe. European colonialism has been shattered, South Africa’s apartheid system collapsed, white dominated Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) collapsed, and Jim Crow racism in America was dismantled.

It is understandable then that the dominant white race in America will have some fears – even though at times it may appear irrational – that will let them make irrational decisions like electing Donald Trump. They fear the thought of no longer being the majority and seeing the continued erosion of their power and control.

My advice to white Americans is that they should avoid doing anything that breeds contempt, hatred, misunderstanding, intolerance, and anger. These are not attributes that build unity and a just society.