The Politics of Hypocrisy is Undermining Patriotism and Other Cherished Virtues

Three traditional virtues that Americans believe in are God, country and family. These virtues are ingrained in the American culture so that it is almost impossible not to notice them. It is the love of country, however, that Americans are passionate about.

Another name for the love of country is patriotism and no other country expresses their patriotism like Americans. Politicians invoke it in their speeches when they say, “God bless America,” those who fight and die for America are given special honor and there are patriotic songs that stirs the passion of patriotism in Americans.MarkTwain1

These days, the patriotism that Americans have is not that of a steady flame burning brightly. It flutters and at times seems like it is about to burn out. What is causing patriotism to fade away is the politics of hypocrisy. This politics of hypocrisy is not only suffocating patriotism, it is also suffocating equality, justice, and freedom.

Who is responsible for the politics of hypocrisy and when did it start to evolve? It emerged when the first black man, Sen. Barack Obama was elected president of the USA. Yes, I know some will say that I’m playing the race card, but in America where there is an obsession with race and racism is pervasive how can you not play the race card when it’s a hand that you are dealt.

Once Pres. Obama took office, the Republican Party launched their anti-Obama crusade to delegitimize and destroy him (Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee was part of this crusade with his birtherism). The anti-Obama crusade set the tone for the unprecedented disrespect of the president and the obstruction of his policies. To deny this and blame Pres. Obama for the negative behavior shown towards him is disingenuous because the disrespect and racial innuendos are well documented in the printed media, the internet and on TV.

It is not just the Republican Party that has used their power to delegitimize and destroy Pres. Obama, conservative media like Fox TV News has also played a role in doing this. Fox TV news covers politics in a bias and partisan manner that smacks of unjust criticisms and propaganda against Pres. Obama while ignoring the negativity of the Republican Party. When was the last time you hear the Talking Heads on Fox TV criticize the Republican Party or their politicians for their negative behavior especially against the president?

In their effort to destroy Pres. Obama, the Republican Party and Fox TV News have done a great disservice to America. What they have done to Pres. Obama is not only unprecedented it is undemocratic and has promoted conflict, hatred, and violence.

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate for the 2016 presidential election is a good example of the hypocrisy that is associated with the Republican Party. From the time Pres. Obama took office in 2008 to the present time, the Republican Party has said that he is inexperience, he is in over his head, he is dividing the country, and he is un-American. Yet, Donald Trump their nominee far exceeds the negative attributes they have ascribed to Pres. Obama.

Since the start of the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump has said many outrageous and damning things that are hypocritical and have damaged America. Compare this to what Pres. Obama has said or done in 7 1/2 years as president – he has done more positive things to help America and hardly any negative things.

If Americans are truly patriotic as they think they are then they should realize that supporting and electing Donald Trump who has all the flaws that are unsuitable for a presidential candidate is not helping the country. To the contrary, his presidency would be potentially dangerous for America. Yes, we like to vote along party lines but this election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is a no contest.

The Republican Party has maligned Hillary Clinton’s character over issues like Benghazi and for having emails on her private server. She has also been labeled as a liar and as not trustworthy. Meanwhile, their presidential nominee, Donald Trump say disturbing things and is involved in litigations that would classify him at the higher level in things they label Mrs. Clinton with.

What happened in Benghazi was not because of some political decision and could have happened to a Republican Secretary of State. It is highly possible that without the Iraq War, Benghazi would not have happened. To blame Hillary Clinton for what she said after the fact is not as egregious as to what Pres. George Bush and VP Dick Cheney did to prosecute the Iraq War. And to continue to blame her after several congressional investigations have not found her culpable of any wrongdoing is un-American and hypocritical because for the thousands of Americans and Iraqi people killed in the Iraq War.

The Republican Party need to know that when they scheme to destroy their opponents in an unjust manner they are doing a disservice to the country and in the process they are destroying the credibility of their party and undermining democracy. Americans must not allow the Republican Party and Donald Trump to continue their unpatriotic behavior. Americans must put their country before political party this is the essence of patriotism or to rephrase Mark Twain, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your [party] when it deserves it.” The Republican Party does not deserve getting the White House and control of the Congress in the November election.