The Political Gremlins are up to their Sinister Schemes Again

I don’t want to sound like a prophet of gloom and doom, but there are some ominous things going on in America and they warrant serious attention. I am not talking about the frequent cases of mass shootings, police brutality towards blacks, and armed militiamen breaking the law and getting away with it. I am talking about the political gremlins that have been eroding democracy and now threatening to derail the 2016 presidential election.

The political gremlins have been around for quite a while as they have been trying to delegitimize President Obama from the time of his election in 2008. Even before that time, they created havoc with other presidential elections. The hanging chads in Florida that helped elected George Bush president and the “Swift Boating” tactics that capsized John Kerry’s candidacy were sinister plots that helped to alter the course of the presidential election.

Gremlins of propaganda (GOP) —without doubt, the political gremlins have polluted the political climate using their “GOP” (quotes use to differentiate them from the GOP political party). If you think the “GOP” has not harmed the country, then you need to pay attention to social problems affecting the country.  The social discontent that manifests itself in frequent racial conflicts, political cynicism, and the disrespect of President Obama are symptoms of how unhealthy the country is.

Gremlins of PropagandaNewWith the current state of divisiveness, hatred, and questionable motives in the political arena, the 2016 presidential election is fertile ground for political plots.  The real plot though is not what is going to happen in the Republican nomination process, it is with the Democratic Party.  The “GOP” after failing to bring down Hillary Clinton with the Benghazi hearings have another scandal they they are working on.

The “GOP” and the e-mailsafter going through thousands of Clinton’s e-mails, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently expanded its investigation into her private e-mail use during her time as Secretary of State. This investigation seeks to determine if there is a potential “intersection” of State Department business and work with her Clinton Foundation may have violated public corruption laws.  With this new development, Fox News TV is already salivating and setting up scenarios of her indictment.

There is nothing more the GOP would like than to see Hilary Clinton indicted and  Gremlins On Emails       knocked out of the presidential contest.  This would boost their chance of  winning the presidency.  There is no question that if she is indicted it will be a game changer for her.  She will be bogged down by legal demands that would force her to withdraw from the contest.  This would set the stage for a big change not just in who gets the Democratic nomination but also for the Republicans to have a chance of winning the presidential election.

Hillary Clinton’s e-mail problem is not unprecedented.  According to a report by The Guardian, Republican politicians have done exactly what she is accused of doing.  So, why is she the only one being investigated? The answer lies in the tactics that have been used to elect George Bush president, destroy John Kerry’s presidential bid, and to delegitimize President Obama – the numerous investigations against his administration, the several Benghazi hearings, and the obsessed effort to repeal ObamaCare are examples of these tactics.

What an indictment would mean — with Hillary Clinton out of the presidential elections, Bernie Sanders would more than likely get the nomination by default.  A Clinton indictment and Sanders nomination could prompt Vice President Joe Biden   to jump into the race.  Under normal circumstances, it would be too late for him to enter the race. It is possible though, that he could secure the nomination at the Philadelphia Democratic convention in July.

If the scenario of Hillary Clinton’s indictment seems dramatic, then it would become even more dramatic with a match-up between Donald Trump and Sanders or Biden.  Never mind that the demographics make-up does not favor Trump who has insulted just about every group in the electorate.  Strange things have happened in politics before and it can happen again – anything is possible in a political climate where voter suppression exists, and wealthy campaign donors pumping money to boost candidates (although Trump says he is using his own money).

Contrary to Donald Trump’s battle cry to “Make America great again,” his presidency would not do that.  This is because no egotist or self-centered person has ever made a great political leader of a country – a dictator maybe.  It would be a miracle then if a President Trump can do the things that America needs the most – unity, racial harmony, and compassion for the poor and downtrodden.  With Trump’s penchant for divisiveness, controversy, and lack of sensitivity for people, he would more than likely take America back into the shadows of Jim Crow racism.

The November 2016 presidential election represents a critical turning point in America’s history. Americans will get a chance to make their democratic choice. This is probably one time they should put their fears and political allegiance aside and vote for the best candidate – a candidate that is not controversial, divisive and has a Don Quixote complex but instead has qualities that could help unify America.