The Obama Season Phases into the Trump Season

It is written in the Holy book that “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Thus, the season of President Obama ends this week on January 20, 2017 and a new season with President Trump will begin. As with the four seasons of nature with their distinctive characteristics, both men have their distinctive temperament and intellect, which will make Trump’s season unpredictable.

DonaldTrumpPress Conf50

Donald Trump’s 1st Press Conference as Pres-elect – 1/11/17


Pres Obama’s farewell address in Chicago on 1-10-17












The transition from the Obama presidency to the Trump presidency unfortunately will have the dark clouds of controversy hanging over it. The forecast is that these dark clouds will persist through the Trump season. This is because everything that Donald Trump says or do sparks controversy. We have seen it in his personal life, his business affairs, and his presidential campaign. Adding to the controversy is that he came to Washington on clouds of suspicion – Russian hacking of the election and FBI interference.

If you expected president-elect Trump to act presidential then you probably believe that the tiger can change its stripes. Yes, there are Americans who believed he would stop doing all the things that are not presidential and better still start talking in a manner that would unite the nation. Sadly, this has not been the case as more alienation and controversies continue to swirl around him.  For example, at his first press conference since becoming the President elect, he refused to take a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta telling him that CNN is fake media.

There is no reason to expect that there will be less controversy with President Trump. Already he has conflicts with his global business ventures, the alleged Russian hacking of the election, and the Intelligence Department. And we shouldn’t forget that he still has not apologized to President Obama for birtherism. Yes, karma is a bitch and can be ironical sometimes.

Donald Trump will now walk alongside the footstep of the president he despised, tried to delegitimized, and questioned his intellect (by asking him to release his college transcripts). Now it seems like his presidency will have the specter of illegitimacy over it and shine the spotlight on his weak intellectual ability. Unfortunately, these problems will not help to make America great again.

Because of the controversies that president-elect Trump created during the campaign and his disparaging treatment of President Obama, the inauguration this Friday is not one that many people are joyously anticipating. Some entertainers booked for the inauguration have pulled out and Congressman John Lewis, the civil rights icon has said he will stay away from the inauguration. These are just some of the rancor and trepidation that many people have with Trump’s inauguration.

President Trump has had plenty of opportunities since becoming the president-elect to inspire the nation to unity, but instead he has squandered those opportunities by attacking those who criticize him. His first meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office was very painful to watch as President Obama did his best for the sake of the country to accommodate him graciously. This was an opportunity for Mr. Trump to issue an apology to President Obama, but he failed to do so.

President Obama is closing his season as president in a positive manner. He has not only survived the relentless crusade to demonize and destroy his presidency, he has managed to accomplish a lot in his eight years. He did not satisfy the needs of everyone but he can be excused for his shortcomings when you consider the crusade against him and the lack of support from Congress.

Any disappointment with President Obama from my end is that he did not give Jamaica’s national hero Marcus Garvey a post humus pardon. Marcus Garvey the leader of one of the largest black organization in America, Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). Garvey was convicted in 1923 in a US court for mail fraud. After serving five years in US prison in Louisiana, his sentence was commuted President Calvin Coolidge and he was deported back to Jamaica.

Many people believe that the US government fabricated the charges against Garvey to discredit his organization. In my book, Whom God Has Blessed Let No Man Curse,” I made 10 predictions that President Obama would fulfill. Most of these predictions have come true, but not the one on exonerating Marcus Garvey.

Regardless of how or what we think of President Obama, history will correctly see him as a president who saved America from another great depression, implemented the first comprehensive health care package (Obamacare), and made the courageous decision that eliminated America’s public enemy Osama bin Ladin. It will also see him as a good leader, a honorable man, and a man with good family values.

Farewell President Obama and thanks for your service and leadership to the USA and to the rest of the world. May God continue to bless you and your family.