The Illusions of the 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates

Many immigrants have come to America on their dream or belief that America is the land of opportunities. Unfortunately, many soon realize the streets are not paved with gold like the legendary city of El Dorado or that all that glitters is not gold.

One group of people that will try to glitter tonight is the 2016 GOP presidential candidates. This debate will be the first big opportunity for them to showcase themselves to the American people. They will try to make us believe that they possess the right stuff to be president of the USA.

It would certainly be an illusion if the ten GOP candidates make us believe that they have good leadership qualities like integrity, statesmanship, political savviness, and the temperament that qualifies them for the most difficult job of being president.

An objective evaluation of the ten GOP presidential candidates will show that they lack the basic prerequisites that make a good president. Their penchant for baseless and sometimes irresponsible rhetoric, irresponsible actions, and their frequent comments that are insensitive and unfavorable to some Americans put them in a category of people who have no presidential qualities.

The field of 2016 GOP presidential candidates is an unprecedented large number of candidates and is the most diverse field of candidates to seek their party nomination to run for president.

Currently, there are 37 declared GOP presidential candidates ( Of this field 17 has some national name recognition. This group includes Dr. Ben Carson (African-American ), Gov. Bobby Jindal (Asian-Indian ancestry), Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (Hispanic ancestry), Gov. George Pataki (Hungarian ancestry), Rick Santorum (Italian ancestry), Gov. Chris Christie (Sicilian ancestry from his mother), Gov. John Kasich (Czech descent/Croatian ancestry), and the rest are of Anglo-Saxon or Caucasian ancestry. The field also includes one woman (Carly Fiorina).

The diverse background of the ten GOP candidates that will participate in the Fox TV arranged debate exposes another illusion. While they reflect the characteristics of a diverse American population, they do not reflect the reality of their party. The Republican Party is not known for embracing non-whites and they especially do not champion black causes or show compassion for the poor. This is why the diverse 2016 GOP candidates is an illusion.

It seems odd that the Republican Party with a history that is unfavorable to non-whites would attract a diverse group of political candidates seeking their party nomination for the 2016 presidential election. The Republican Party has opposed things like affirmative action, immigration reform, equal pay for equal work, and increasing the minimum wage.

Not only does the Republican Party not support major causes that benefit non-white people – Civil Rights issues for example – they often make comments that are insensitive to non-whites and women. If the Republican Party has done one thing that has alienated blacks and some non-whites, it is their blatant disrespect and treatment of President Obama.

At some point, the illusion bubble that the GOP presidential candidates are operating in is likely to burst. This will happen when they face questions on issues like the minimum wage, voter suppression, immigration reform, equal pay for women, and other civil rights issues. These are issues that the GOP does not have a good track record on and they are issues that affect non-white people and women.

The GOP has had plenty of opportunities to help non-white people but instead of doing so they turn issues that affect these people into divisive political issues. Furthermore, their arguments on these issues tend to be more retrogressive and lacking in compassion. It is time for the GOP to deal with the reality of America and stop acting as if they are the last line of defense to prevent blacks and other nonwhites from making progress.