The GOP has been Trumped

The idiom, “What goes around comes around,” has caught up with the GOP. From 2008 when President Obama was elected the first African American president, the GOP has tried to brand him as being unfit to be president. The very night he won the election, Senator Mitch McConnell (the Senate Minority Leader then), in a clandestine meeting said, “His priority is to make him a one term president.”

The GOP’s failure to make President Obama a one-term president has not discouraged them. They have continued to disrespect and disparage the president. The unfortunate outcome of their behavior is the climate of mistrust and hatred towards the president. Mistrust and hatred that are evidenced in accusations that are less than objective and constructive.

In their overzealousness to demonize President Obama and make him look incompetent, the GOP has shown more respect to foreign leaders like Russian president, Vladimir Putin and the Iranian Ayatollahs (47 Republican senators wrote a letter to the Iranian Ayatollahs telling them that the president’s nuclear deal was bad). Speaker Boehner also invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the U.S. congress without notifying the president.

The GOP aided by Fox News and other conservative media outlets have tried every trick in the book to demonize President Obama and his administration. Even when they have valid opportunities to attack the president’s agenda, they do so with questionable tactics and without being objective. With ObamaCare, they tried to shoot it down without giving it a chance to work or offering an alternate plan. They also wasted taxpayer’s money by conducting a number of congressional investigations orchestrated by Congressman Daryl Issa when he was the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Good political leadership should not engage in or encourage irresponsible and disrespectful behavior to any entity. Because the GOP failed to condemn and stop the unwarranted and unfair behavior against the president, they allowed a climate of disrespect and hatred against the president to persist. When business mogul Donald Trump used his influence to advocate and promote the birther conspiracy, the GOP leadership remained silent. Their silence in effect encouraged Donald Trump to seek the nomination for the Republican 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump should not have been allowed to promote his birther conspiracy nonsense under the GOP banner. The GOP leadership should have known that this was not right and that it was disrespectful. What they also should have known was that they were creating a Frankenstein monster that would eventually harm them.

Because the GOP thought that the birther conspiracy theory would help to demonize President Obama, they did not stop Donald Trump in promoting this nonsense. If you condone the behavior of a narcissist like Donald Trump, then you essentially empower them to behave as if they are not beholden to anyone. It should not come as a surprise then when Donald Trump, the GOP presidential candidate make irresponsible comments that are damaging the GOP and possibly ruin their chance to win the 2016 presidential election.

trump-cardUsing the analogy of a contract bridge card game, the GOP could have played fairly instead of using political underhand to trump (no pun intended) President Obama. Consequently, their schemes to demonize President Obama and their failure to control Donald Trump have backfired and Donald Trump instead has trumped the GOP. He is now threatening to run as an independent candidate if the “GOP doesn’t treat him fairly.” Well, both Trump and the GOP do not know what fairness is, because if they did the birther conspiracy would not exist and much of the rancor and disrespect against President Obama would not exist.

What lessons can the GOP learn from their anti-Obama crusade and from their failure to condemn Donald Trump when he promoted his birther conspiracy? One basic lesson they can learn is that when you scheme to do things unfairly and without proper justification, you will either not succeed or it will come back to haunt you. This is true when the target – in this case President Obama – has better character and integrity than the schemers.