The Eight Benghazi Hearing – Another Low for the Republican Party

At the Benghazi hearing yesterday in which the Select Committee consisting of mostly Republican members exposed the kind of scheming and mean-spiritedness, arrogance, and even political stupidity that they have demonstrated since President Obama was elected president in 2008. This was billed as a hearing that would reveal new information that the previous seven hearings did not reveal.

No one should be subjected to a congressional hearing like Hilary Clinton was subjected to yesterday. She was forced to endure over ten hours of the GOP members asking her questions in a tone that you would not even find an accused criminal defendant subjected to in a court. The entire hearing was more like an inquisition rather than a congressional hearing. It was filled with speculative questions that included “I think” and many questions that had no factual basis or even relevant to finding out the entire truth about Benghazi.

All the GOP Benghazi committee members emphasized that four Americans were killed and that is why they were holding the hearings. If they were so concerned, why haven’t they called for a non-partisan hearing about the Iraq war? If they care so much about American lives, then they should have cared even more about the 4,000 plus Americans who were killed in that war. They should have cared about the family members of those victims of the war.

The Benghazi hearings were suspected long ago to be nothing more than a political witch-hunt to discredit President Obama. With the 2016 presidential election campaign in full swing and Hillary Clinton being their formidable opponent, she became the target of Benghazi hearings. Speaker Boehner held a meeting that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was present at according to information that came out of the hearings yesterday. McCarthy later exposed on Fox TV that the Benghazi hearing was to smear Hillary Clinton.

If yesterday’s Benghazi hearing was to damage Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the 2016 presidential election, they failed miserably to do so. What they succeeded in doing was to make Hilary Clinton a stronger candidate that will be harder to beat. Hillary’s composure and answers to gotcha questions demonstrated why she would make an excellent president.

The GOP members on the Benghazi committee yesterday frequently prefaced their questions with “The American people want…” Well the American people should be sick and tired of the GOP unprincipled and Machiavellian like political schemes. Their relentless anti-Obama crusade has divided the country, obstructed the recovery of the economy, and undermined democracy. The American people deserve better than what the Republican Party has been offering. They need to invoke Bernie Saunders type sentiment, “Enough of the dividing politics, it is time to unify America.”