The Big Take Away from the Final Debate

Last night Americans and the world saw the final debate for the 2016 Presidential election. What they saw was a political neophyte with no record of public service or public accomplishments debating an experienced politician with thirty years of solid public service. Only in politics where there are no standards and no prerequisites could this have happened.

For over a year Americans have seen and hear Donald Trump project the worst of his flawed attributes on his opponents and make gross exaggerations. Never in the history of presidential election campaign has a candidate called his opponent crooked and a criminal like Donald Trump has done with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton detractors have been effective in using propaganda against her on Benghazi and her e-mail. These accusations have been investigated not once not twice, but several times and yet she was never charged with any illegal or even ethical problem.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing that happened at the debate last night that Americans should be concerned about is when the moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump if he would concede if he loses the election and Trump was not able to say yes.

There is a reason why Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump about conceding if he lost the election. For months he has been saying that the “election is rigged.” This is a dangerous thing to say especially when he has no proof for saying this —dangerous because it could incite riots and violence. We have already seen violence at some of his rallies so this is not impossible.

Sen. Lindsay Graham talking to CNN’s Kate Bolduan and John Berman about Trump’s “rigged election” statement said,

I don’t think it’s good for democracy to have a major candidate for president doubt the outcome. But being rigged means it’s rigged against you and I think Mr. Trump’s fate is in his own hands.

I believe that the country will survive long after I’m gone but the country really is a process and the election process I think we need to respect it rather than create doubt about it. Americans have enough to worry about already. Let’s don’t suggest the election’s rigged.

It is not just that Donald Trump have flaws that are inimical to being president. He also has serious character and what could be described as personality disorder that no good leader will demonstrate. For example, his disrespect of women and his vulgar comments about what he has done to women are disturbing.  Jamie Lee Curtis talking about Trump’s perverted comments on then 18 yo Lindsay Lohan said,

I believe that people will make the choice for someone whose experience will help this country.  Because that’s what we need right now. Experience, strength and hope for America. Not divisive, lewd, lascivious, disgusting, vile commentary from a misogynist.

When Americans go to the poll to elect a new president, they should bear in mind that it is impossible to be a good leader if you blame others, insult them, and make excuses. Compound these problems with many character flaws, and no political experience. No America, Donald Trump cannot make America great again. If you believe that then you have been bamboozled.