The Benghazi Hearings Manifest GOP Contradictions and Hypocrisies

The GOP’s relentless crusade to demonize President Obama and ultimately destroy his legacy is one that is synonymous with contradictions and hypocrisies that are unprecedented in American politics. While their crusade failed to destroy his presidency and legacy it succeeded in dividing the country, undermining democracy, and impeding the full recovery of the economy.

Despite the GOP’s anti-Obama crusade and political shortcomings, they managed to create the perception that they cared about America. The Tea Party’s mantra was “We want our country back,” Donald Trump campaign theme said “Make America strong again,” and the general GOP message was that this president is un-American and doesn’t love America. While saying these things, the GOP including their current presidential candidates have done things that are detrimental to unifying and making the country stronger – shutting down the government, obstructing President Obama’s agenda to create jobs, writing a letter to the Iran ayatollahs to scuttle the nuclear deal, and their relentless effort to demonize and bring down the president.

Perhaps the biggest manifestation of the GOP’s contradictions and hypocrisies comes from the attack of on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans (including Ambassador Chris Stevens). Since that incident, the GOP has conducted several congressional hearings as part of their effort to find out why it happened. Based on their pattern of failed investigations citing alleged wrongdoings by the Obama’s administration, the Benghazi investigations seems to be another witch-hunt by the overzealous and obsessed GOP. The target of this witch-hunt is Hillary Clinton, the front-runner and favorite to win the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential election.

The GOP’s motivation to focus on Hillary Clinton is that they know she is a formidable contender for the 2016 presidential election. They obviously believe that the easy way to do this is to smear her in a manner similar to the Swift Boat tactics used on John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election. The Benghazi incident is the way they believe they can accomplish this as the House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy confirmed during an interview on Fox TV. Should they succeed in doing so then we could say they “Benghazied” Hillary Clinton.

Because the Benghazi hearings smacks of a political witch-hunt, it is possible that the current hearing at which Hillary Clinton is to testify at tomorrow could drag on well into 2016. Why? It would bog down Hillary’s campaign. The GOP apparently believes that the Benghazi travesty was preventable and that there is some conspiracy or cover up to it and Hillary Clinton is part of that. They have also said they want to get to the bottom of the truth because four American lives were lost. If they had genuine concern about this, then you would expect them to have similar concerns with the Iraq war – a war that cost the lives of not four Americans but over 4,000 and injured thousands more. This war was declared on the misleading pretext that Iraq was responsible for 9/11 and had weapons of mass destruction.

The multiple GOP Benghazi hearings represent a classic case of political contradictions, and hypocrisies because the Iraq war was brokered under false pretense, which is more damning that the alleged failure of the State Department that led to the Benghazi attack. Despite the problems and severe impact the war cause to the US and the Middle East, you would think that the GOP would have called for an investigation. How can they say they love America and pretend to be concerned about the Benghazi attack but show no concern for the horrendous impact from the Iraq war?

It is unfortunate that the GOP has evolved into a party that is synonymous with contradictory and hypocritical behavior. This pattern is not limited to the Benghazi incident but also applies to women’s issues, climate change, and immigration issues. The GOP’s bad behavior offers no stability for the party and worst it is damaging the country. The GOP needs help and that help can come from its conscientious supporters and from Fox TV News (their proxy agent) being honest and objective in demanding that the GOP change course from their destructive behavior.