Thank God the Bizarre 2016 Presidential Campaign Ends Tonight

One of them will be the next president of the USA

One of them will be the next president of the USA

Nothing lasts forever and the 2016 presidential election that seems to have lasted for eternity will come to an end tonight. Since 1980, I have followed and voted in every presidential election and enjoyed the campaigns until this one. The 2016 campaign has been like the campaign in hell because of the shenanigans of Donald Trump.

I don’t dislike Donald Trump as a person, but what I dislike are the character flaws that he possess and that would make it difficult for him to be a good president. Even if we ignore his flaws, which he constantly exposes for the world to see his experience cannot be ignored – he has zero political public service experience so in essence he is a neophyte.

Despite Donald Trump’s numerous flaws, his supporters believe that he will follow through on his campaign theme to “Make America great again,” a coded message that Pres. Obama is responsible for America not being great. This is not hard to understand why Trump believes this; he started and promoted the birther conspiracy that the president was born in Kenya.

Strange and weird things have happened in politics before but nothing like we have witnessed with Donald Trump. He has insulted just about every group, made lewd sexual comments, undermined democracy (rigged election), and praised Putin while disparaging Pres. Obama. These are all things that would have booted any presidential candidate.

It is not just personal flaws that should have disqualified Donald Trump from becoming the Republican presidential nominee. His business practices are highly questionable as shown with the pending fraud case against Trump University, his business ventures overseas, and not releasing his taxes.

During the campaign, Trump bragged that he could shoot someone in the street of New York and wouldn’t lose any vote. Maybe he was thinking of a black person and saying this as a coded message to his white supremacist supporters. It is amazing then that having said this and with all his flaws, he is in a tight race with Hillary Clinton.

When conservatives launched their crusade to delegitimize Pres. Obama they got plenty of practice from their failed effort. They also got away with their disgusting and unprincipled behavior and it presumably gave them the confidence to go after Hillary Clinton when they realized she would be the main obstacle between them and the White House.

The crusade against Hillary Clinton was manifested in the Congressional hearings on Benghazi, FBI investigation of her emails on her private server while she was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation, and her husband’s sex scandals. The email thing was not unusual as Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice said they did the same thing. Two wrongs do not make a right apparently for Hillary Clinton. She is held to a higher standard that other politician perhaps for no other reason than she is the wife of Bill Clinton.

Because of the manufactured controversies involving Hillary Clinton, Trump supporters and others see him as being more honest and a better choice for president. Whatever fault one finds with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump out performs her on these faults. Yes, we all have political bias and will be loyal to our party even if they sin their way to hell.

Former Republican governor of Massachusetts and now Libertarian vice presidential candidate, Bill Weld gave this testimonial of Hillary Clinton on the Rachel Maddow show,

I’ve known her for 40 years. I’ve worked with her. I know her well, professionally. I know her well personally. I know her to be a person of high moral character, a reliable person and an honest person, however so much Mr. Trump may rant and rave to the contrary. So, I’m happy to say that, and people can make their own choices.

Weld’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton transcends the malicious propaganda that has been perpetuated against her. To compare her with Donald Trump and to even think that he has better character, temperament, and could do a better job as president is complete insanity especially when Donald Trump has no public service experience to use as a basis for comparison.

I will pray tonight that Americans who are thinking of voting for Donald Trump will snap out of their Trump hypnotic spell tomorrow and vote against him. If they fail to do this and he is elected president, he will bring this great country to its knees, and reopen old wounds of hatred and racism. This is bound to happen because Donald Trump is not a healer or a unifier.