Speaker Paul Ryan wants to Fix the GOP ‒ Does he have the Right Solution?

A USA Today article, Paul Ryan starts unveiling plan for ‘better GOP’ (06/07/16) indicates that the GOP wants to re-image the party as shown in the following statement:

Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday will start detailing policy prescriptions that are part of a positive Republican vision that he says will show Americans what the party is for, rather than focusing on what it’s against.

The GOP certainly cannot be happy with their performance probably going back to George Bush bringing the country to the brink of economic collapse. A crisis that was precipitated by the Iraq war that was based on Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and was responsible for 9/11 – both reasons later established as false.

It was not the Iraq war and the near collapse of the economy that caused the GOP to become a party in disarray. The real cause started in 2008 when the first African American man, Barack Obama was elected president. The GOP’s resentment of his election manifested itself in their anti-Obama crusade to demonize and delegitimize the president.

With their anti-Obama crusade, the GOP abandoned their political duties, their principles, and their civility. All of this happened because they had no leadership that had the courage and wisdom to see that what they were doing was not only hurting themselves but also hurting the country.

The relatively new Speaker Paul Ryan seems to be aware of the precarious position the GOP is in. How could he not when he has Donald Trump being their nominee to contest the presidential election in November. Donald Trump was part of their anti-Obama crusade with his Birther conspiracy theory against Pres. Obama.  His desire to make the GOP whole again is more to reshape political policies as shown in the extract below:

At an event in Washington Tuesday, he is expected to unveil recommendations drawn up by a task force of House Republicans to combat poverty and aid upward mobility. According to a task force report, they include:

  • Instituting work requirements for welfare recipients and for recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, who are able to work;
  • Consolidating or streamlining 18 federal food-assistance programs and myriad housing programs, such as the Rural Housing Service rental assistance program and HUD’s Housing Choice voucher program;
  • Streamlining federal funding for at-risk youths and for 45 separate early childhood programs and giving states and local governments more flexibility to address their residents’ needs;
  • Rolling back federal requirements and regulations for technical education programs and for colleges and universities, which one study commissioned by Vanderbilt University last year estimated cost schools $27 billion annually. The plan also recommends consolidating the nine federal-aid programs for higher education into three.
  • Making it easier for businesses to team up and offer joint 401k plans.

It is doubtful that the above political policies will fix the GOP’s problem when the root of their problem is their lack of empathy and understanding for the diverse non-white population of Americans. If they had these two qualities, they would not have embarked on their anti-Obama crusade.

What the GOP really needs to do is to fix the soul of party with respect to how they should relate to a diverse culture. They can start this process by apologizing to Pres. Obama and to Americans for the social, economic, and political problems they have caused over the past seven or more years.