Speaker Boehner and the State of the Union Address

Last night President Obama gave what certainly will be rated as his best state of the union address. With the economy making good recovery as a result of his leadership that has endured a persistent effort to obstruct his agenda, “The shadow of crisis is passed and the state of the union is strong.”

America today still faces many challenges and President Obama’s message was bold, optimistic, and provided the assurance and hope that America can overcome these challenges. It was not just hope though that the president delivered, he delivered practical solutions to help move America forward. The most significant ones included free education for students attending community college and dismantling Guantanamo Bay.

If there was anything about President Obama’s state of the union that I did not like it was Speaker Boehner’s reaction or behavior. Sitting behind the president it was easy to notice the Speaker’s uncomfortable body language. His constant facial expressions (with his mouth and his eyes) and shifting in his seat was a distraction.


We know that Speaker Boehner is an emotional man who cries easily. I have always wondered what causes him to be so emotional. Is there some issue that the public is not aware of and that affects his leadership as speaker? If President Obama was to behave like the Speaker I am sure Fox News Talk Show would call for an investigation.

The state of the union address is the president’s show, so let me get back to the president’s performance. Anticipating that there is a showdown coming with the Keystone pipeline and Obama care, the president has made it abundantly clear that he will veto anything that does not benefit the American people.

America needs leadership not just to make America work but also to deal with the crisis of terrorism and other conflicts abroad. It is hoped that the GOP leadership will follow the lead of the president to help solve the problems in America and abroad. Considering that for the past six years they have shown a one dimensional approach in leadership it will be a challenge for them to work with the president. Can they meet this challenge?

In my last blog a few days ago, I wrote about poor leadership being the number one problem in the world today. Over the past six years America has struggled to make the gains it is now making in the economy. The political process in Washington requires good leadership to make America work. When half the leadership does not work then America suffers. It is time all politicians in Washington recognize this and do a better job to serve their country.