Pres. Obama Was Fired up at his First Stumping for Hillary Clinton

Hours after FBI Director James Comey declared that the FBI will not be recommending any criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over e-mail stored on her private server, Pres. Obama appeared with her at a campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina and gave his first stump speech for her.IMG_8764Blog2

If there is anyone who knows the true character of Hillary Clinton it is President Obama. In 2008, he ran a fierce and competitive campaign with her. Then as president in his first term, he appointed her to the difficult job of Secretary of State. The president gave a rousing account of Hillary Clinton’s qualification, character, dedicated service to America, and why it should not even be a contest in the November election.

Whether you like Hillary Clinton or not she has been through adversities in her personal life and political career. She has been persecuted by the Republican Party (Benghazi and e-mail scandal) using propaganda and in a manner that can be characterized as a political witch-hunt. The Republicans have had a history of going after their opponents in an overzealous manner and have often failed. They should realize by now that doing this only serves to divide and weaken the country.

Alluding to Hillary Clinton’s preparedness to be president, and taking a shot at Donald Trump without mentioning his name, Pres. Obama said,

Everybody can tweet. Nobody actually knows what it takes to do the job until you sit behind the desk,” said the president, making a veiled reference to Trump. “Sasha tweets, but she doesn’t think that she thereby should be sitting behind the desk.

Pres. Obama is right because Hillary Clinton is more familiar with the demands of the job of president than her opponent is. She has been in situations where tough decisions have been made as Secretary of State and she has been in the White House where she saw her husband Pres. Bill Clinton implemented effective policies and made major political decisions.

History shows that great political leaders have a background of working at the grassroots level (as either a community organizer, social/political activist, being in the military, or even a militant fighting for freedom like Nelson Mandela). Hillary Clinton has a background that brings her in touch with people of all background more than Donald Trump – Pres. Obama recognizes this and that is why he said,

There has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary Clinton. Ever,” he said. “And that is the truth. That is the truth.

Donald Trump does not have the basic prerequisites that help make one a good president. Being a businessman is not a prerequisite because in his case he is working for himself not for people. Furthermore, he does not have the temperament to be president of the USA. Instead, what he has are plenty of flaws that make him divisive, controversial, a disparager, a narcissist, and an exaggerator. A president should not have these qualities because they do not enhance leadership and good judgment.

The choice of president in November is not hard and should not be about voting along party lines. It should be voting for the future of America. A Hillary Clinton presidency would be pragmatic, unify America, and make America stronger in every aspect. Donald Trump’s presidency would be an illusion and based on his flaws would make America more controversial, more disliked, and a weaker country.