Ominous Dark Clouds Over Trump’s White House

Donald Trump during the presidential campaign said that he would “drain the swamp in Washington.” To the contrary, it seems as if he has made the swamp bigger and in so doing created a tsunami of protest across the globe. Trump is the first president in the history of the US who in the first week in the White House has caused widespread controversy, alienated so many people, and triggered widespread protest in the US and the world. If you don’t respect people, have no empathy for them, is too thin-skinned, and is a narcissist then you are going to create all kinds of problems.

We are just learning that Trump in a telephone call to the Australian PM blasted him over the refugee issue. In another call to Mexico’s President he threatened that he would send US troops into Mexico. These un-statesman-like behaviors are unprecedented for a president and only serve to make other world leaders uncomfortable in dealing with him.

Maybe President Trump thinks that because he has gotten away with a lot of bad behavior, he can do anything he pleases. He got away with his repeated reference to President Obama as incompetent, an illegitimate president (birtherism), and questioning of his intellect by asking him to release his college transcripts. Maybe his karma is exacting retribution as questions have been raised about the legitimacy of his presidency, he seems to be in over his head, and his intellectual ability shows a glaring deficiency.

Trump has a way of calling out people on problems that he is not completely above board with. Remember how he called Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary” when he was accused in a lawsuit about ripping off students of Trump University and other business practices that he was accused of being unethical. He also criticized President Obama’s executive orders calling themirresponsible use of executive orders.”

Donald Trump campaigned on the promise that he will “make America great again.” If his first week in the White House is a reflection of how he intends to do that, then I am afraid he is not going to come close to accomplishing that.

The Republican Party had all the opportunity to stop Donald Trump from the time he promoted the vicious lie about President Obama being born in Kenya (Birtherism). They did not, and so he went on to win their nomination. They could have stopped him then, but their leadership was weak and inept. So now, they are stuck with him, and the relationship is still somewhat estranged and will only get worse.

I do not want to prognosticate gloom and doom, but America is not in a good place today. The country was badly divided before Trump became president and instead of trying to unify the country, he has made the country more divided. If anyone is surprised at this, then they simply did not pay attention to the things he said and did on the campaign trail.

The Jamaican reggae group, the Ethiopians in the 60s had a popular song calledEverything Crash.” The lyrics of that song included the words, “what gone bad a morning can’t come good a evening.”  This is perhaps what we will so with Trump’s presidency.