Mr. Speaker the State of the Union is not Strong

“Mr. Speaker the state-of-the-union is not strong. I repeat the state-of-the-union is not strong. America is a greatly divided country – racially, politically, and economically.” If the 45th president of the USA, Donald J. Trump were to read this from his teleprompter tonight in his first state-of-the-union (SOTU) address, it would be the most honest thing he has ever said.

On January 16 at the White House press briefing, Americans learned that the president was in excellent health. What more Americans need to know about though is the state of the presidency. Plagued with all kinds of problems, Trump’s presidency has become a blockbuster reality TV show. When he gives his SOTU address tonight, he will make you believe that it’s not only his health that is in excellent shape but also his presidency and the nation.

The SOTU address by the president is supposed to be an overview of the health of the country. This is the president’s opportunity to tell the nation what progress has been made, what challenges are present, and how these challenges will be met. It also provides an opportunity for the nation to assess whether the president has the vision or the leadership ability that will help the country to meet the challenges.

Unlike previous SOTU addresses that were given by presidents who had little to no problems at the end of their first year in office, this is not the case for Trump. His one-year presidency has been riddled with controversy, credibility problems, questions about his mental fitness, and the investigation involving the Russian interference of the 2016 presidential election.

With Trump’s plethora of problems, he bears sole responsibility for initiating them. He seems to relish doing things that are divisive, insulting to people, and undermining established institutions like the FBI, the CIA, and the media. These are not what you expect from a president or any political leader. Yet Trump constantly calls the media “fake media” attacks the FBI as being corrupt, calls his opponent Hillary Clinton, “Crooked Hillary,” constantly blames the Democrats when they don’t give him what he wants, and insults ethnic groups (Mexicans are rapists, Haitians have AIDS, and calling Africa and Haiti sh**thole countries).

Given Mr. Trump’s propensity for divisiveness, insulting others, and apparent mendacity problems, America has never been more divided and more vulnerable on every front. With his reputation for flipping stories – for example, he can insult a person one minute and then next minute claims he love the person – is not a recipe for progress and building a healthy strong nation. Don’t be surprised if he says that he believes in freedom of the press, that he has great respect for the FBI and the intelligence agencies, and talks about respect for law and order.

When Trump gives his first SOTU address, don’t expect to hear any negative comments about Mexicans, Haitians, and blacks. You are more likely to hear him say he is the “least racist person.” Based on Trump’s fluid messages with changes to fit the spaces where he gives his speeches.  Americans will get an earful of superlatives on how great America is doing, and that he has accomplished more in one year than any other president has. And while the fact checkers working frantically don’t expect anyone to yell out “You lie,” like South Carolina’s former Republican Congressman Joe Wilson did to Pres. Obama when he addressed the Joint Congress on September 9, 2009.

During his first year as president, Trump has visited several states and gives what certainly sounds and feels like a political campaign rally. These rallies are well attended and the people there give him all the applause he needs. There is no doubt that he enjoys these rallies as they seem to give him a lift and the support assures him that he is doing a great job. This is his base though and they see no evil, hear no evil and tell no evil when it comes to Trump.

If you are inclined to believe everything that Trump says in his SOTU address then you will certainly say that it is the greatest SOTU address a president has given. Just remember though, that speech was given by Mr. Trump’s alter ego Mr. Hyde and not Dr. Jekyll. Regardless of whether his speech is good or, bad one thing is certain and it is that he has failed to keep his campaign promise of “draining the swamp.” To the contrary, you could say the swamp has overflowed and has polluted the Republican members of Congress.