Jamaica Could Finish with Record Number Gold Medals at the Rio Olympics

The Jamaica track and field team at the Rio 2016 Olympics has so far created a number of records. The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt became the first athlete to win three consecutive medals in the same event when he won the 100m sprint.

So far, Jamaica has three gold medals from Elaine Thompson in the 100m, Usain Bolt in the 100m, and Omar McLeod in the 100m hurdles. The gold count could even get higher as the 4X100m men and women’s hurdles seem a safe bet.

Jamaica could also strike gold in the men’s and women’s hurdles. With three women (Leah Nugent, Ristananna Tracey and Janieve Russell) in the finals, Jamaica has a good chance of medaling—especially from Ristananna Tracey. In the men’s hurdles,  Jamaica’s Annsert Whyte who won the second semi-final in 48.32 seconds could also medal.

As shown in the table below, Jamaica could potentially harvest a record ten gold medals. With Usain Bolt’s race and the two sprint relay races looking like a cinch, Jamaica looks like they will leave Rio with at least six gold medals.

JamGoldMedalsGood luck to the Jamaican athletes in their semi-finals and final track and field events.