Is Donald Trump the Greatest Con Artist in America?

A friend of mine forwarded me via e-mail the image below showing a young Donald Trump being quoted in People Magazine (1998) as saying that Republicans are dumb. Finding this to be unbelievable and since there was no mention of it in the media, I fact checked it on Snopes… Sure enough, Snopes dismissed it as being false.TrumpPeopleimage

Although Donald Trump did not make the comments shown in the image below, he has said a lot of crazy and outrageous things and still many Americans support him. Take for example when he said, “I could ‘shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

That Donald Trump says outrageous things and get away with it certainly reflects the false statement attributed to him in People’s magazine in 1998. Yes, some Americans believe his lies and they think he can fix all the problems affecting America. Time will tell if Donald Trump is a master of persuasion (we know he is a great negotiator because he tell us so) or he is the greatest con artist in America’s history. Just this morning on MSNBC, Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski said,

People who support Donald Trump should be respected but they need to realize that Trump is selling them a scam.

Electing a candidate for political office is not an objective process for most people as they tend to do so out of party loyalty. Despite the over-abundance of flaws that Donald Trump has, his supporters don’t see them as such. This is perhaps what psychologists call the halo effect – you see the fault in others but not in people close to you.

If Donald Trump were the Democratic presidential candidate, Republicans would be outraged that someone like him would consider himself as a presidential candidate.  This is similar to what they are doing to Hillary Clinton – believing everything that Trump says about her and the propaganda and distortions that the conservative media have promoted against her – Benghazi and e-mails on her private server.

Hillary Clinton is a politician and she is not perfect as is most of the politicians like the Republicans who tend to be hypocrites and who have spent the last 7-1/2 years on their anti-Obama crusade. For everything that is negative about Donald Trump you can score it as a positive for Hillary Clinton. A word to the wise is sufficient; the November presidential election is one that voters should not vote along party lines to elect the temperamental Trump who has no track record of public service, military service, or political experience.