Is Donald Trump going to be the Invincible President?

No president is above the law and that means they are not invincible. A serious mistake or past indiscretion that surfaces can result in impeachment or forced resignation. President Nixon was forced to resign because of the Watergate scandal and articles of impeachment were brought against Pres. Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson.

One president that seems to be behaving as if he is invincible is Pres. Trump. No doubt he has a false sense of security acquired from surviving numerous mistakes and indiscretions.  As a private citizen his sinister effort to demonize Pres. Obama with his Birtherism conspiracy theory should have disqualified him from representing the Republican Party or at least hoisted a red flag that he could not be taken seriously or be even worthy of the highest office in the land.

Effortlessly, Donald Trump gave Americans every reason to consider him unfit for the most arduous political job in the world. During the primary campaign, he made disturbingly unpresidential comments like “Mexicans are rapists,” I’ll build a wall and let Mexico pay for it,” and “You could see blood coming out of her eyes.” If these did not take him down then most people thought that his “pussy grabbing” comment on the Access Hollywood video would certainly derail his presidential bid. He managed to survive this and went on to win the presidential election.

No other presidential candidate has been an open book like Donald Trump. His business history, which revealed his penchant for controversy (lawsuits, bankruptcy, insulting people, firing employees, etc.) was well known. This along with his brand of vulgarity and insults should have provided ample warning to his character and temperament to be president.

While Trump’s election as the 45th president of the US drew the attention of the world, that attention would suddenly focus on his first major presidential scandal. He had not even finished arranging the furniture in the White House when the media reported their breaking news about Russian hacking of the 2016 presidential election and the collusion of members of his campaign and administration with Russian operatives. This issue widened the political fault line as conservatives don’t seem to care about this scandal while liberals have been trying to get to the bottom of it.

Trump’s Russian scandal has cast an ominous cloud over the White House since he moved in. What is alarming for the country is that this cloud has stalled over the White House to eclipse it in darkness. It is no wonder then that his administration has been behaving like people stumbling in the dark.

Anyone who thinks that the Russian problem is not a serious problem has somehow lost their sense of patriotism. And the fact that they accept Trump’s calling the media “fake news” when the media report this scandal or anything that is unfavorable to him is not a healthy sign for America.

Donald Trump approach to being president is no different from when he ran his business enterprise. In the latter, he fired people at will and those who contended with him or accused him of some problem he hired his lawyers to nullify the accusations. This business instinct is what led him to fire the FBI director James Comey. Trump in an interview with NBC Lester Holt told him that he fired Comey because of the Russian investigation.

Despite Trump’s missteps and mistakes since his brief presidency, his supporters have ignored them with the excuse that he’s not a politician. You don’t have to be a politician to know that if you fire the FBI Director because he is investigating the Russian problem that his firing would lead to an independent prosecutor.

Just imagine if Pres. Obama, when he was in office, did the crazy things that Trump is doing. Americans would have been outraged, and they would have called for his impeachment. Not for Trump though as he continues to say and tweet outrageous things. Take for example the G20 Summit (his first high-profile meeting with world leaders) when he said to Putin that it was an “honor to meet him.” Then he followed up with a tweet that is akin to the farmer discussing with the fox that’s raiding his hen house how to make the hen house more secure from his attacks.

So what has America and the world learned about Trump’s errant presidency? Two possible answers are: America’s moral compass has shifted to an undesirable position since the Watergate era. Trump with all his disturbing and unprecedented presidential behavior would not have been tolerated in the Watergate era. The second thing is that there seems to be some mystique about him that makes him appear to be invincible. Remember he said during the primary campaign that he could shoot someone in the streets of New York and still get elected.

With the Republican-controlled Congressional hearings into the Russian hacking and collusion looking more like a paper tiger, I am beginning to fall victim to what seems like an illusion that Trump might just be invincible. If Robert Mueller’s investigation comes up empty, then this failure would confirm this.

Two reasons why Trump could become invincible are:  driving him out of office might have greater repercussions than the Russian scandal itself – the country does not have the stomach to digest Trump’s Humpty Dumpty fall. The second reason is politicians today are more beholden to their party than the country. Never mind that the Congressional members like to demonstrate their patriotism with a pin of the US flag on their jacket or dress lapel. Their real allegiance is to their party. The Republicans have certainly demonstrated this in their nonchalant attitude to the Russian hacking and Trump’s collusion problem.

If Donald Trump has an Achilles heel, then it is his brain or maybe one of his family members (like Donald Trump, Jr. who now has his Russian collusion problem). Trump’s trip wires are he is not intellectually disciplined, he is a political neophyte, too impulsive, and too narcissistic. These attributes will not help him to make good decisions for the country. It remains to be seen then if he will trip himself up in a way that jolts his supporters out of the hypnotic trance he has on them. When this happens whatever invincibility he has will collapse along with his presidency.