Hillary Clinton’s Rendezvous with Destiny

Last night after winning Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina, Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a victory speech that stamped her as a four-star presidential candidate. Her speech in my opinion was the best speech since the campaign started early last year. Unlike her GOP opponents who resort to disparaging those they don’t like, her speech was positive, inspiring, and everything you expected from a presidential candidate.

HRCPerhaps the most noteworthy thing about Hillary’s victory last night was that she took a giant step forward. This giant step has put her on a path with her rendezvous with destiny. Whether you like Hillary or not she is destined to become the first female president.

For Hillary Clinton this is not the first time that she has been on this path with destiny. In 2008 presidential campaign, she seemed destined to become the first female president. Her destiny though collided with that of Barack Obama who went on to fulfill his own destiny. This time Hillary will not be denied.

Yes, there are sinister forces aligned against her to bring her down. These sinister forces will not prevail though, just as they did not prevail against President Obama. Hillary Clinton has to fulfill her destiny, because if she doesn’t America will like other great civilizations that made mistakes continue its decline that the Republican Party has helped put in motion.

One force that will be a challenge for Hillary Clinton is likely to be the GOP candidate Donald Trump. After last night results, he is moving closer to being the GOP nominee. Does he have the right stuff to deny Hillary Clinton? The answer to that is we will have to wait and see.

If perchance Donald Trump is elected president, it would be a contradiction to what America stands for. This contradiction would be against the political logic of a man with the following flaws: no political experience, alienates people, creates controversy, and a narcissist. In addition, if Trump was elected president he would have to get a good chunk of his votes from poor and working class people. This would be another contradiction because billionaires are not known to have empathy for poor and working class people.

A Donald Trump presidency would also expose the latent double standards and hypocrisies that prevent America from being great on a social level. These hypocrisies and double standards have to do with how America treats white presidents versus the first black president and pretend to deplore the unfairness of vulnerable people. Yet Trump who promoted the Birther conspiracy theory, who insults women and other minority groups is appealing to Americans, is shocking at this stage of America’s history. His election would be a great step backward as it would throttle or stagnate the civil rights gains that nonwhite people have achieved.

Once we recognize that Donald Trump’s popularity is limited to a narrow regional group, we will realize that he cannot be elected president. His electability will wane in the broader national arena where the demographics of the electorate are much broader and not in his favor. We can therefore be confident that Hillary Rodham Clinton will not fulfill her destiny unless the sinister forces prevail.

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