Five Documents Donald Trump Need to Release Now

If you think you really know who Donald Trump is then you are kidding yourself. We really don’t know much about this man who has been a household name for the past two decades or more. While he has a public persona, he does not reveal much about his personal life. TrumpPictureDocuments

Donald Trump gets away with many things that past presidential or political candidates must be full of envy for him. Presidential candidates Gary Hart’s flirting with another woman, Howard Dean’s rebel yell, Michael Dukakis’ Willie Horton stigma, and former US Senator George Allen macaca name calling all seem trivial to Trump’s flaws and insults.

Donald Trump likes to challenge the integrity of his opponents or people he doesn’t like by requesting that they release certain documents. What is hypocritical about this is that the very things he wants proof of he seems to lack integrity in them also.

Mr. Trump needs to hold himself to the same standards that he demands of people. He can start doing this by releasing the following five documents that would help the public get some insight into his real character.

i)  College transcripts – two reasons why Donald Trump should release his college transcripts are, he likes to call Pres. Obama stupid, and in 2012 he offered $5 million for Pres. Obama to release his college transcripts while refusing to show his own records.

Trump apparently believes that Pres. Obama was not smart enough to get into Ivy League colleges – implying that it was because of affirmative action why he got into these schools. Trumps intellect and ability to be coherent in his speech makes him look like he is the one who should be releasing his college transcript. He likes to brag that he is very smart. Releasing his transcripts would show us his tell our academic performance and that he did not get into college on preferential treatment because of his wealthy father.

ii)  Tax returns – presidential candidates have traditionally released their tax returns well in advance of the presidential election. It is not a mandatory requirement but it helps to build trust in a candidate. Trump has refused to release his returns using the excuse that the IRS is auditing him. The IRS has said that being audited is not a reason for him not to release his returns. It is not hard to understand why he does not want to release his tax returns. He is a wealthy businessman with investments in various countries. Releasing his tax returns would expose his foreign investments, countries he has done or is doing business with, and how much taxes he pays – probably very little.

iii)  Health record – Yes Trump did release a letter from his personal physician attesting that his health is “extraordinary.” This is not to question his doctor’s integrity but if Hillary Clinton did this, he would complain that a letter is not a health report, as it doesn’t show the lab results or specific medical data like cholesterol level, etc.

While it is not a mandatory requirement for a presidential candidate to release their health report doing so is a good thing. Donald Trump is 70 years old so he is not a young man like Pres. Obama and Pres. Clinton were when they took office in their first term. It would be good to know if a potential president has a clean bill of health. You don’t want a person who has some medical problems making critical decisions that could lead to a war.

iv)  Wife’s immigration papers – Since Trump was the chief promoter of the Birther conspiracy against Pres. Obama, it would eliminate his hypocrisy if Melania Trump shows her immigration papers. There is suspicion that Melania might not have entered the US legally. According to a New York Daily News article,

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to make public the potential first lady’s immigration papers after recent questions about whether she broke the law by working in the U.S. on a visa that would have prohibited it.

Americans don’t want a first lady who is not a citizen of America. Perhaps we should apply the same criteria that Trump used on Pres. Obama — he was born in Kenya therefore not fit to be president. Melania would not be fit to be first lady because she was not born in the US.

v)     Donation to charities – this would give us an indication of how civic-minded Donald Trump really is. We know that he has not been personally involved in community causes or support any special needs group like his opponent Hillary Clinton has. Being a wealthy man you would expect him to give back to society like Bill Gates and other wealthy individuals have done.

A recent Washington Post article “Five questions we still can’t answer about Donald Trump’s charity donations,” one of the five questions that Trump is still to answer is,

Before that $1 million gift to a veterans’ charity in May, when was the last time Trump gave a dollar of his own money to charity?

Americans should challenge Mr. Trump to release these five documents so that the American people get a chance to know his true character and not his celebrity character. This is not a big sacrifice for a presidential candidate. This challenge is not a political issue it is about the future of the USA.