Donald Trump, Racism, GOP Politics, and Double Standards

“What gone bad a morning can’t come good a evening” is the chorus of the popular sixties Jamaican Ska song Everything Crash by the Ethiopians. This chorus is relevant to the way the GOP has been conducting themselves since President Obama became president in 2008. From day one in the White House, President Obama has been treated in a disrespectful manner and it has gotten worse since.

The nation has witnessed President Obama called a liar by Congressman Joe Wilson, called lazy by John Sununu, claimed to not love America by Rudi Giuliani, called a half mongrel dog by Ted Nugent, caricatured on the Internet with racial epithets, and various other racial innuendos to describe the president. Donald Trump a GOP presidential contender who currently tops the polls for the GOP field used his influence to contribute to the negative sentiments to the president by being chief conspiracy theory promoter of the Birther conspiracy.

It should not come as a surprise that because the GOP initiated their unprincipled crusade against President Obama that they have facilitated the horrible and disrespectful comments and behavior to President Obama. This not only reflects badly on the GOP leadership, but also sends the wrong message to Americans and to the world. One has to wonder if this wrong message is part of the reason for the racial animus, we see in the country today.

Donald Trump’s recent comment about Mexico sending its worst people to America – rapists and criminals, is not a new racist rant about Mexicans. Raoul Lowery Contreras, in his book A Hispanic View: White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) Racism & Hatred of Mexicans wrote that in the 19th century, New York newspaper editor, Horace Greeley said that New Mexico was full of Mexicans and “priest ridden” thugs when he objected to statehood for New Mexico.

Sticking to my guns

Mr. Trump’s tendency to attack anything or anyone in an undiplomatic and crude way surfaced again with his recent comments that Senator John McCain is not a war hero only a POW. This time he drew the ire of many GOP presidential candidates like Senator Graham Lindsey, Governor Rick Perry, and others. Their response is too late, however, as The Donald did damage to the party long ago and exposed their weak and ineffective leadership.

The strong response of the GOP presidential candidates to Donald Trump’s comments about Senator McCain reveals their double standards. They did not respond in like fashion when he made his racists comments about Mexicans. This double standard has been part of the problem of the GOP allowing the uncivil and disrespectful behavior towards President Obama.

A strong and principled GOP leadership would have condemned and muzzled Donald Trump the moment he advocated the birther conspiracy. Any action against him now by the GOP will be too late as it will more than likely hurt them in the 2016 election. If they kick him off the ballot, he would more than likely run as an independent. This would be bad for the GOP, as it would siphon off many Republican votes.

By allowing this atmosphere disrespect towards President Obama, we see conservative media, politicians, and journalist, saying outrageous things about the president. For example at the White House press conference recently, Major Garrett asked the president the following question: As you well know, there are four Americans in Iran, three held on trumped-up charges, according to your administration,” Garrett said. “Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content, with all the fanfare around this deal, to leave the conscious of this nation, the strength of this nation, unaccounted for in relation to these four Americans?

Major Garret is a journalist and not a pseudo-journalist like some who host Talk Shows on TV and radio on conservative media. President Obama was right to tell him “You should know better.” President Obama’s gracious response to these subtle and sometimes blatant disrespect designed to embarrass him and make him look incompetent demonstrates the opposite.

While some sees Major Garrett’s disrespectful question as nothing more than a tough question, the fact that it was a subjective and disrespectful to suggest the president was “content” shows you that President Obama is fair game for anyone. If these types of tough questions were asked of President George Bush, during the run up to the Iraq war, we probably would not be in the mess we are in today.