Donald Trump Pandering to African Americans

Donald Trump has a tendency of saying what he will do if he is elected president. What is amazing about this is that he has no track record of doing any of these things — not in the political arena or even the business world.TrumpToBlacks

For a man who is so divisive and has alienated many groups during his campaign, Trump thinks he can wave his magic wand and fix things for everyone. Take for example his scripted speech Thursday in Charlotte, N.C. where he said, “If African-Americans give Donald Trump a chance by giving me their vote, the result for them will be amazing.” A valid question on this is what has Donald Trump ever done for African Americans? Nothing, because Mr. Trump has no record of doing anything for anyone.

Apparently, Mr. Trump believes that he is the one person in America that can fix all the problems and “make America great again.” The things he claims that he will do is so ridiculous and laughable—build a wall and let Mexico pay for it — yet some Americans really believe him.

Throughout the campaign, Americans and the world have seen Donald Trump propensity for saying outrageous, disturbing, and insensitive things that would have ended the campaign of any politician or person seeking political office. So why is Donald Trump different?

My take on why Trump with his many flaws has so many supporters that enabled him to get the Republican Party presidential nomination comes down to one thing – fear mongering. Yes, Trump has exploited the issues of terrorism, racism, and political correctness.

It is unfortunate and disturbing that some Americans have not been able to see Trump for what he really is: a narcissistic man who lacks every attribute that a president is suppose to have.

The presidential election in November will be one of the most critical in America’s history. Because if Donald Trump is elected president, it will be the first time that a man with no political experience and so many flaws is elected.

Americans better wake up and realize that a vote against Donald Trump is a vote to prevent America from going down the slippery slope that some civilizations of antiquity have gone down.