Donald Trump is the Cat with Nine Lives


If ever a political candidate was unqualified to be president of the United States of America it is Donald Trump. You don’t have to dislike him or be a Democrat to come to this conclusion because Trump himself is his own disqualifier.

With no political experience and no public service record, Donald Trump should not have been a presidential candidate to begin with. That he was able to vanquish sixteen other candidates with more political experience than he had to gain the Republican presidential nominee is an ominous sign for American politics.

What is ominous about Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the White House door is that he singlehandedly corrupted the political process in several ways. Three examples of this are, he has exposed serious problems within the Republican Party and greatly damaged this party. Secondly, he has undermined the political institutions – notably the election commission by saying repeatedly without any proof “this is a rigged election.”  Thirdly, he has degenerated American politics to that of Third World standard.

Even if Donald Trump gets lucky and wins the election on November 8, he will still create problems for the Republican Party. This is because he will continue to trample on their conservative principles, continue to expose their leadership problems, and do things on his own terms.

During the presidential campaign and from the time he became the Republican nominee, Donald Trump has said or done things that in the past would have instantly abort (no pun intended) any other presidential candidate. Not so with Trump, because like the proverbial cat with nine lives, he seems to have nine lives also.

In the movie, Nine Lives, actor Kevin Spacey swaps bodies with a cat. Donald Trump in real life seems to have swapped life with a cat too. He has survived the following eight things that should have ended his candidacy or make his presidential bid a no contest:

  1. His birtherism conspiracy theory – he should not even have made it to the primary with this.
  2. Is racial discrimination lawsuit involving not renting his apartments to blacks in New York.
  3. Not releasing his tax returns as is customary for presidential candidates.
  4. Calling Mexicans rapists and criminals.
  5. Making and it appropriate comment about dating a 10-year-old girl in ten years.
  6. His vulgar comments on the 2005 Access Hollywood video talking about feeling entitled to “grab them by the pussy.”
  7. Being accused of unwelcome sexual harassment by several women.
  8. His Trump University lawsuit fraud case.

With seven days before the presidential election, Donald Trump should be a terminal candidate to use the medical analogy. With the FBI James Comey reopening Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, Trump seems to be in remission and his campaign is a little bit more energized. He has been gloating about this new round of investigation with comments like “This is more egregious than Watergate.” What is more egregious is that Trump does not know what Comey has found but he knows that Hillary Clinton is already guilty.

daffyducktrump1Donald Trump is not a cat but he has something in common with two other creatures – the fictionalized cartoon characters, Donald Duck and Daffy Duck. Donald Trump’s personality and behavior is similar to Donald Duck according to Wikipedia is,

He gets a big kick out of imposing on other people or annoying them, but he immediately loses his temper when the tables are turned. In other words, he can dish it out, but can’t take it.

And he has similar traits to Daffy Duck as described by Wikipedia as,

Assertive, completely unrestrained, combative protagonist.

Donald Trump is a man with more flaws than the number of fleas on an infested dog. Should he make one egregious misstep between now and the election, it will further diminish any chances he has of winning the election to become the 45th president of the United States of America.