Donald Trump is his Worst Enemy

No US president in the history of the Republic has ever created so much conflict and controversy in their first four months in office like Donald Trump has. Since his inauguration on January 20 this year, he has been the center of controversy – protests at home and abroad, investigations by the FBI, Congressional hearings, and disturbing news stories.

Donald Trump from day one of his presidency has been at the center of a storm of conflict and scandals. The major scandal surrounding his presidency involves his alleged ties to Russia – ties that so far led to the resignation of his National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Other members of his 2016 presidential campaign and current White House staff have also been alleged to have Russian ties – Roger Stone, Michael Cohen,  JD Gordon, Carter Page, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and Richard Burr,

The controversy surrounding Trump was ramped up last week when he unceremoniously fired the FBI director, James Comey. Trump at the time claimed he did so on the recommendation of the deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein and the Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions. A few days later Trump sat down with NBC’s Lester Holt for an interview and revealed that he fired Comey because of the Russian investigation.

Trump and the Russians in the White House

The latest bombshell involving more Trump controversy occurred today when the Washington Post revealed that he gave classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak who visited the White House last week. That Trump met with them was extraordinary in itself especially since Ambassador Kislyak has ties or met with Trump advisors during the 2016 presidential campaign. Only a political neophyte would allow the Russians in the White House – even doing so with the Russian media present and the US media being barred – while his administration is under FBI investigation for possible collusion with the Russians.

Americans got ample warning that Trump did not have the temperament to be president. As a self-proclaimed business wizard, his business practices were mired in controversy, bankruptcy, and lawsuits. He said things that shouldn’t have been said like demonizing Pres. Obama with birtherism, calling Hillary Clinton “crooked Hillary,” and insulting those who criticized him. All of this revealed that not only did he not have the temperament, but also he did not have the mental discipline and intellectual ability to be a political leader.

With Trump now in the White House, he has confirmed all the doubts that his detractors had about him during the 2016 presidential campaign. He has also shown us that with his arrogance he can undermine established US and international institutions – the FBI, the news media (branding the liberal media for fake news), and NATO.

There are those who believe that Donald Trump is delusional based and his grandiose statements that are self-contradictory or baseless (or as Kellyanne Conway called them, alternative facts). Trump’s behavior resembles the mythical character Don Quixote who saw windmills as ferocious giants and proceeded to attack them.

Yes, Donald Trump is his worst enemy because of his temperament that needs to be constantly stroked and his penchant for saying controversial things. Under these conditions, he runs the risk of being not only irresponsible but also reckless. Reckless because his words and actions can potentially lead to real conflict both at home and abroad. With the world in a state of turmoil caused by terrorist groups like ISIS and North Korea, America cannot afford to solve these problems with a president who acts on his own impulse rather than rational deliberations.

Whether Donald Trump can change course or change his attitude is not something that we can be optimistic about. The saying that you cannot teach old dogs new tricks applies to him. If he continues to do reckless and irresponsible things it will be up to the American people and the Congress to rein him in to save the country and indeed the world from calamitous events.

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