Donald Trump Charity Might be his Achilles Heel

The Washington Post has reported that Donald Trump used $258,000 from his foundation to settle lawsuits that involved his for-profit businesses. This is just another of the double standards and hypocrisies that Mr. Trump has demonstrated throughout his presidential campaign. About a month ago, he called for the Clinton Foundation to be shutdown because of funds it has received from foreign donors.

While no unethical practices have been revealed for the Clinton Foundation, which provides global financial support to foreign entities or countries, Trump using money from his foundation to settle his lawsuits related to his personal business is unethical and warrants shutting down of his foundation more than the Clinton Foundation.

Donald Trump has not been transparent with his financial and health records as he is yet to release his tax returns, disclose information on his charitable foundation, and provide a detail report  (not a summary that provides no specific details) of his health.

Failing to make himself more transparent to the American people, Donald Trump does not make himself a qualified candidate for president. Lacking political experience, and being involved in hundreds of lawsuits one would expect that Donald Trump to do everything possible to compensate for these problems.  Donald Trump, however, doesn’t think he has to do anything in this area because his experience as a “successful” businessman makes him an exceptional leader who can fix all problems.

Mr. Trump is exceptional in the sense that he has been able to do and say things that have eliminated other presidential candidates for lesser un-presidential behavior. We will see what the outcome will be this new revelation related with his charity.