Did Trump Presser with Putin Make his Patriotism Questionable?

With his recent practice run with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump was feeling confident that he was ready to share the world stage with his Russian idol Vladimir Putin. Trump expected that this meeting−mano a mano−would be the crowning glory of his presidency but instead it turned out to be the most embarrassing and unpatriotic performance of any US president.

Considering Russia’s criminal actions in hacking Hillary Clinton’s e-mail, their meddling in the election, and Mueller’s investigation into this sordid affair, Trump should not have met with Putin. What president would do this when they were in the middle of an investigation where he and Russia were suspects for collusion? And why would this meeting be a private one between the two men? Surely with that lack of transparency and Trump’s adoration of Putin it would raise a lot of questions and suspicion.

Donald Trump is not a politician and has never served in any public capacity until after his election as president of the United States. These deficiencies have been obvious throughout his 18 months in the White House and they were more evident in his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday in Helsinki.

No president who completed one or even two terms in office has created more controversies than Trump has created in his 18 months in office. Still he seems to avoid any significant backlash, perhaps because the Republican Congress protects him and Fox TV News does damage control for his erratic and controversial actions.

We should not be so shocked that Trump demonstrated his veneration of Putin in Helsinki.  His love of Putin begun from the time Pres. Obama was in office – recall when he compared Pres. Obama with Putin calling Putin strong and Obama weak.  Since then going into his presidency he has heaped praise on Putin causing some to believe that the Russian president has the goods on him.

Trump got his chance to demonstrate his love for Putin when he stood beside him on the stage in Helsinki.  He certainly did not disappoint Putin as he sided with him over his own intelligence people on the Russian interference on the 2016 presidential election. In response to a question on this, Trump said, “I don’t see any reason why they would do it.”

If Putin was impressed with Trump, the reaction from prominent Americans and politicians was different.  The acerbic criticisms came in from across the political spectrum and included words like disgraceful, shameful, and treasonous.

Trump gave America and the Republican Party plenty of warning about who he was and what he was capable of doing.  The Republican Party could have stopped him from the time of his anti-Obama propaganda with birtherism, but they did not.  They kept getting opportunities to do so like when he called Mexicans rapists and criminals; when he made vulgar comments on the Axis Hollywood video about “grabbing women’s pussy;” and his penchant for undermining America’s institutions like calling the media fake media, making disparaging comments about the Department of Justice and the FBI.

In 2014, I wrote a book about Pres. Obama’s destiny to be president titled, Whom God Has Blessed Let No Man Curse. In this book I described how Pres Obama’s detractors who unjustly tried to bring him down would fail. Many of them have and have left politics before Pres. Obama completed his second term. Donald Trump was one of the detractors then and still is, but although he became president, I believe that my prediction still holds true for him. The irony with Trump who was proven wrong in the birtherism is that he faces serious charges that could delegitimize his presidency.

We could conclude that Trump is a great political illusionist who in Houdini-like fashion has so far escaped strong punishment.  One wonders though if his luck will eventually run out.  Perhaps the negative reaction to his weak and unpatriotic performance in Helsinki will do enough damage that he might not recover from.  It might also help the Mueller investigation to gain more traction with more Americans seeing it not as a political witch hunt but as a serious investigation.