Conservatives Still Unhappy With Donald Trump — but it’s too Late

In a National Review report, 22 Conservatives leaders (including Glen Beck, William Kristol, Edwin Meese, III, Thomas Sowell, Cal Thomas, ) expressed their views as to why Donald Trump is bad for conservatism and for America. Their stand against Trump is about eight years late however, as they should have used their voice to discredit Trump when he peddled his Birther conspiracy against President Obama.

If there is any lesson that the 22 conservatives who are unhappy with Donald Trump can learn it is that we should always be fair and principled in our behavior. It is unprincipled to defend bad behavior and ignore the misgivings of their party. This is precisely what they did with President Bush who blundered his way through his presidency and led America into the Iraq war – a war that by all accounts has been shown to be unjustified.

None of the 22 conservatives who are against Trump raised their voice in criticism against the bad policies of the Bush administration. To the contrary, most conservatives defended Bush’s handling of the Iraq war. Further demonstrating their unethical and unprincipled behavior, they all embarked on a relentless crusade to delegitimize President Obama — a reason why they were not able to condemn Trump and his Birther conspiracy.

It is understandable that conservatives are not happy with Donald Trump or with the problems the country have been experiencing. Blinded by the halo effect, they all blame President Obama and have used the Gremlins of Propaganda (GOP) to turn the country against him. Fortunately, their schemes have failed miserably and the President remains resolute in doing his job for the American people.

Most objective thinking Americans (those not influenced by Fox News) share the concerns that the 22 Conservatives have with Donald Trump. Donald Trump does not have the attributes that would make him a better president than our current president. As a political neophyte who has never done any of the things he says he is good at (the military, negotiating with world political leaders, dealing with terrorists, etc.) it is inconceivable that he could “Make America strong again.”

The political climate has been polluted and if there is any blame for this, conservatives cannot absolve from it. The evil Genie has been let out of the political bottle and now America finds itself in a precarious position — GOP presidential candidates who are unfit for the office.

The 22 conservatives should know that their concerns with Donald Trump are too late. What they should be concerned about now is the masses who are sipping his kool-aid.