Canadians are having the Last Laugh with Donald Trump

In the online issue of the Guardian (August 4, 2015) an article headlined “When Canada looks at Donald Trump all we can see is Rob Ford,” suggests that Canada is getting the last laugh on America. The article goes on to state that, “Trump looks, sounds and smells an awful lot like former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and has the Ford bluster down perfectly.”

Canada although they share the entire northern border with the US, rarely gets any US news coverage. The saying no news is good news should be a consolation for Canadians. If Canada was not a white country, one could draw the conclusion that there is probably some racism at play here for the US totally ignoring Canada. Even the popular Pan American games that were held in Canada in July failed to get American TV coverage.

Last year, there was an exception in the US news blackout of Canada. There was a lot of American news coverage from Canada complements of Toronto’s former mayor Rob Ford. Ford became the hot news item when Toronto police reported that they had him on video smoking crack cocaine. Soon after that, a video surfaced showing Ford in what appears to be an intoxicated state using some hard-core Jamaican curse words while imitating Jamaican patois.


Having studied in Canada and a frequent visitor to that country, I am aware that Canadians get a lot of TV coverage from America. Watching TV in Canada, you could easily think that you were in the US. Canadians find American politics more exciting and fascinating than their own politics. Canadian politicians rarely find themselves in scandalous situations, involved in corrupt behavior, or make a fool of themselves like you see in American politics. I can well imagine the fun they are having now with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is not exactly like Mayor Rob Ford, but in some respects, he is the American version of Ford as the Guardian article suggests. Three things they have in common are they are both wealthy; they used words that had a veiled reference to a woman’s menses: for Ford it was “blood claat mon” and for Trump it was “blood coming out…..from wherever;” and their behavior made them an embarrassment to their country. Some Americans might not see Trump as an embarrassment, which is why he is leading his rivals in the polls.

When Donald Trump fired back at Megyn Kelly’s question during the Fox TV debate and said, “Blood coming out of her eyes and from wherever,” that was a type of comment you would expect from drunken people in a bar. Certainly not from someone who was campaigning to become president of the US. Trump makes outrageous comments that are not intended to be jokes but more a desire to get back at anyone who attacks him. Rob Ford on the other hand only seems to rant in a humorous manner when he is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. A big difference between Rob Ford and Donald Trump is that Trump is an egomaniac (he talks in first person excessively) and Ford is not.

While Rob Ford did not have political ambitions to be the leader of Canada, Donald Trump has ambitions to be president of the US. Ford somehow knew that he was not mentally and intellectually fit to take on political leadership beyond that of a Mayor. Not so, with Donald Trump, although a successful businessman, he does not have the intellectual ability and temperament to be a good president. Maybe he thinks that if President Obama can do it, he can do the job. If he was to become president, there is no doubt in my mind that he would bankrupt America like he did to some of his companies.

Donald Trump will continue to get support from people who are strongly anti-Obama, who do not like political correctness, and who believe that women and non-white people get too much preferential treatment. For the rest of us who take politics seriously, we will continue to enjoy the entertainment courtesy of Donald Trump, and we will speculate about where his campaign will end up. Canadians too will be watching and enjoying the Donald Trump show.