Breaking News – Donald Trump to Announce Running Mate

Last night’s GOP debate was distinctly different from their previous debates. The candidates did not engage in their usual brawl and they were very low keyed.  One thing that may have contributed to this was the moderators did not ask challenging questions.  This was when I started to ask where is Jorge Ramos (Univision anchor who moderated the last Dem debate) when you need him.

TrumpRubioA good political debate is contingent and the moderator(s) asking questions that force the candidates to provide specific answers.  This clearly did not happen as Trump’s answers were filled in with references to what he can do, what he is good at doing, how he is the only one…, he loves group that has offended him, etc.

Halfway through the debate, I was ready to fall asleep.  I had mixed feelings about turning the TV off or trying to stay awake and watch the debate.  Maybe it was because I was conditioned by the previous debates that that looked more like a reality TV show.

It is almost certain that Donald Trump despite his many flaws will get the GOP nomination.  The Republican Party can scheme all they want to deny him the nomination, they will only succeed in furthering their decline. They had the opportunity to discredit Trump when he promoted the Birther nonsense.  As the saying goes, “They are trying to close the barn door after the horse has fled.”

Once Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination, the question that the media will start to speculate on his who will be his running mate?  BREAKING NEWS – you heard it here first.  Trump’s running mate will be the senator from Florida, Marco Rubio.

Marco Rubio is the logical choice to be Trump’s running mate for several reasons.  He is young, he has Washington experience, he will help Trump secure Florida, and he will help to bring in Hispanic votes – at least from his perspective.

Rubio’s appeal to Trump has to do with his business background and personality.  As a wealthy businessman with various corporations, Trump likes to be in charge.  His egotistical personality also makes them want to be at the center of everything.  With Marco Rubio, he will be able to control the young senator as opposed to someone much older or near his age – he gets his “little Marco Rubio.”