Book Cites NY Papers that Accused Trump of being a Racist, a Conniver, and a Liar

A book, The Trumps: Three Generations of Builders and a Presidential Candidate (2000), by Gwenda Blair states that Donald Trump was a breaker of promises and an art vandal, and anti-tenant landlord and then exploiter immigrant labor (see excerpt from p329 below). TheTrumpsBook

But the honeymoon he had enjoyed in the New York press was over.  He was no longer the boy wonder, the hyperactive hero.  He was still the New York real estate wizard, the man who had helped rescue 42nd Street and created the shiniest, showiest new building on Fifth Avenue.  But he was also a breaker of promises and an art vandal, an anti-tenant landlord and an exploiter immigrant labor.  Back in the mid-1970s, his first New York Times profile compared him to Robert Redford and intimated that his worst defect was talking too fast.  Now the same paper said that he would be a shoe-in for “a stupendous new unpopularity prize.”  New York portrayed him as a tasteless vulgarian, the Daily News portrayed him as a sorehead, and the Village Voice accused him of being a conniver, a racist, and a liar.  [excerpt from The Trumps, p329]

Even more revealing in the excerpt is that it corroborates characteristics that many of Trump’s detractors have said make him unfit to be president.  The portrayal of Trump with the following flaws is not qualities that any presidential candidate should have:

  • A breaker of promises –New York Times
  • A tasteless vulgarian – New York
  • A sorehead – the Daily News
  • A conniver, a racist, and a liar – the Village Voice

It is somewhat surprising that the news media (especially the major TV networks) don’t seem aware of The Trumps.  Maybe they are aware of it but they are afraid to confront him for fear it might affect their ratings.  This failure by the news media to confront Trump could have dire consequences because if he becomes president, his flaws would make him a poor leader that would make America weak instead of great.