Are there any Men of Integrity and Courage Left in America?

bill-weld                                        Libertarian VP candidate Bill Weld

These days you could get the impression that there are a few people with integrity and courage left in America. That is because people who should be talking out about the problems that are destroying America are not doing so. This is evident in the 2016 presidential election.

It’s not just integrity and the lack of courage that the 2016 presidential election has exposed. It has exposed unprecedented hypocrisy, double standards, and even pumped some energy into the old problem of racism. All of these problems come courtesy of the 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has bucked every rule and tradition of presidential elections. With his narcissistic personality and habit of projecting his flaws onto his opponents or his detractors, Trump has single handedly put America on a path that could bring this great nation to its knees if he is elected president. This of course is ironic and contrary to his theme to, “Make America great again.”

Mr. Trump’s unexpected ascendancy as the Republican presidential nominee points to all the problems that ail America today. These problems include hypocrisy, double standards and racism. Trump has personified these problems in his business practice, his personal life, his comments, and in this presidential campaign.

Donald Trump is a man 70 years old who has never served his country in any public capacity and who has said and done outrageous things that are un-American and antithetical to the values that America cherishes. He even admires Putin over Pres. Obama. Yet many Americans think he is the knight in shining armor – a better choice for president than Hillary Clinton with 30 years of solid public service to America.

During the primary campaign, Donald Trump insulted his Republican opponents by calling them all kind of deplorable names. Today most of these same opponents including high-ranking members of the Republican Party still support him. By so doing they have shown that, they are willing to put their party before the interest of the nation. Doing so is clear evidence that they have no integrity and no principles.

So it was refreshing to see Libertarian vice-presidential candidate and former Republican governor for Massachusetts, Bill Weld on Rachel Maddow’s show on Monday night having the courage to speak out on Donald Trump when he said,

The country will be in “chaos” if Donald Trump wins the presidency. I see a big difference between the R candidate and the D candidate and I’ve been at some pains to say that I fear for the country if Mr. Trump should be elected. It’s a candidacy without any parallel that I can recall. It’s content-free and very much given to stirring up envy and resentment and even hatred. And I think it would be a threat to the conduct of our foreign policy and our position in the world at large.

Weld also said he believes Trump is “psychologically” unstable, a bully and incapable of competently managing the office of the presidency.

While the Weld excoriated Donald Trump, he had high praise for Hillary Clinton by saying,

I’ve known her for 40 years. I’ve worked with her. I know her well, professionally. I know her well personally. I know her to be a person of high moral character, a reliable person and an honest person, however so much Mr. Trump may rant and rave to the contrary. So, I’m happy to say that, and people can make their own choices.

Bill Weld also was dismissive about FBI Director, James Comey’s recent investigation into Clinton’s email server when he said,

I disagree with FBI Director James Comey’s decision to inform lawmakers of the newly discovered emails.

Bill Weld has shown that he is a man of integrity and principle by not allowing his political feelings make him defend people who should not be defended. America needs more people like Bill Weld to talk out against people who are a fraud and who do not represent the values that America as the leader of the free world should uphold.