A Well-Thoughtout Book On President Obama, His Rise, and His Destiny

By: Nassem Al-Mehairi

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Whom God Has Blessed, Let No Man Curse by Jermel Shim is a rare book on Obama. Many have written about him, the 2008 and 2012 elections, his administration, etc., but Shim’s has the courage to talk about his destiny to not only lead America but change it, and the people who try and fail to bring him down.

Barack Obama’s rise to the Presidency is one that would never have been possible in any other nation on Earth. He is the most honest, hard-working, hope filled leader we have ever had, and Whom God Has Blessed highlights upon this. The book begins by discussing his path to his destiny, then how his opponents try to push him over the racial cliff, then how the rest of his second term will go, and finally the lessons we can learn from Obama. I agree with Whom God Has Blessed about how Obama has endured the most criticism of any President, not based on policy but on race.

I found this book based on faith, both Christianity and Buddhism, and that Obama is a blessed man in these regards. For more strictly informational readers, this book’s ideological standpoints are solid, with Shim’s vast knowledge of politics obvious. The work and research, the thinking, that Mr. Shim put into Whom God Has Blessed shines through in each line. His arguments, moderately based, makes him a perfect spokesperson for the cause of racial equality in America.

Barack Obama offers lessons on life and leadership that no political figure has since Lincoln. Shim’s argument is that we need to follow these lessons to follow our own destinies, and to end the racial, and economic, divide that plagues America. It is not only enough that minorities can eat at a restaurant, they need to be able to pay for the food. It is not even definite that the poor are able to vote, due to Voter-ID having the possibility of taking the right away from 23 million Americans.

Whom God Has Blessed, Let No Man Curse is an informative, well researched book on Barack Obama’s rise and destiny to the Presidency, and the lessons he offers to all of us. Shim’s courageous book makes him a new voice in the fight for racial and economic equality in our generation, and I look forward to future books coming from him.

20140321-183115.jpg Jermel Shim~ Author

Jermel Shim is a retired mechanical engineer who has launched a new career as an author. Writing is not a new experience for Jermel. In his professional engineering career, he authored many technical documents. In his new career as an author, he has faced the challenge of switching from a technical writer to a nonfiction writer.

Born in Jamaica, Jermel was educated at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where he graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. Following his graduation, he moved to the US, where he began an engineering career spanning 29 years with two major engineering companies – Gilbert Commonwealth in Reading, Pennsylvania and Dominion Resources, Inc., in Richmond, Virginia. He has voted in all Presidential elections since becoming a citizen in 1988.