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A New Perspective on Race-related Problems in Corporate American Companies

Race-related problems in corporate companies are usually interpreted as racial job discrimination. In essence, racial job discrimination is just one of several race-related problems that are rarely mentioned in public discourse and the corporate workplace. This book offers a perspective on these race-related problems.

Solving complex problems related to racial issues in the corporate workplace depends on the ability to see the problem from a different perspective. Too often the focus of dealing with race-related problems is on racial job discrimination. With this focus, little to no attention is given to the passive or invisible race-related problems that are precursors to racial job discrimination. The goal of this book is to provide the reader with a new perspective of understanding these problems.

A New Perspective on Race-Related Problems in Corporate American Companies is not just a typical book in the genre of race-related problems in the corporate workplace. Instead, it is a book that attempts to put the broader race-related problems on the radar for all corporate employees. It does this by identifying the race-related problems; outlining their root causes; outlining the impact on nonwhite employees; providing strategies to resolve or cope with these problems; and proposing a program to help reduce these problems.

The author hopes that the reader will benefit from the information provided in this unique book. Most of all it is hoped that those who read this book will use the information provided to make the corporate workplace a positive and harmonious environment for all.

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Whom God Has Blessed, Let No Man Curse

His name Barack means blessed

On the night of November 4, 2008, the world witnessed the election of the first black man, Barack Obama, to become President of the United States of America. Given the history of racial conflict in America and the fact that black people still struggle to achieve equality with white Americans, Barack Obama’s election was not only historic but also extraordinary. It was extraordinary because his election to become president would transcend a history of negative racial influence and bias.

The day after Barack Obama was elected president, the global media paid tribute to his historic accomplishment. This accomplishment was worthy of global recognition because it signaled a change that most people did not think was possible. Every aspect of Barack Obama’s personal background, under normal circumstances, would have eliminated him as a presidential contender. For Barack Obama to be elected president, certain pre-conditions had to occur. These pre-conditions are discussed in this book.

This book, Whom God Has Blessed Let No Man Curse, describes Barack Obama’s destiny to become president of the USA. The book outlines the journey of his destiny to the White House, including the preconditions that got him elected in 2008 and again in 2012. The premise of the book is that Barack Obama is a blessed man – not necessarily in the context used in the Christian religion – and was destined to be president. Because he is a blessed man who was destined to become president, his political opponents and detractors have not and will not be successful in their effort to bring him down.

Whom God Has Blessed Let No Man Curse is not only the story about Barack Obama’s election as president; it is also about his extraordinary first term as president. No president before him has experienced the blatant disrespect and aversion from political opponents or detractors like he has. Despite all the obstacles, the disrespect, and the propaganda, he remains invincible and still performs his presidential duties with reasonable success.

Like the great men and women of antiquity who inspired and taught the human race lessons about life, it is hoped that President Obama’s accomplishment and exemplary leadership will do the same. It is also hoped that this book will help readers appreciate the president’s accomplishments and his effort to make America and the world a better place.

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Racism In America

From the Beginning to the End

The problem of racism in America is one that has persisted from before the time of slavery. Despite efforts to improve the racial situation, racism endures and continues to be a problem for those who are its target. This persistence is due to its complex nature and to its ability to morph from the blatant form (e.g., Jim Crow racism) to the subtle form that exists today.

Racism is perhaps one of the most complex social problems that Americans struggle with. It manifests itself in the disparities, social injustices, and the discrimination that nonwhite people experience, and it remains a controversial and emotional issue.

The patterns of accusation and denial keep racism in a state of persistence. This perpetual pattern is also facilitated by the failure to acknowledge responsibility for racism. Only when the denial of racism ceases, and responsibility is taken for it, can a genuine effort be made to reconcile the problems that serve as the foundation of institutional racism.

Racism in America provides an understanding of the historical context of racism, how it affects people in society, and a new approach based on spiritual principles for overcoming racism. Unlike other books about racism, Racism in America provides new insight into the origin of racism, its contradictions with cherished American values, its persistence, its impact on people’s lives, and its reconciliation.

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